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How are cannabis strains different?

Cannabis strains come in all different names which can be grown from seed. Each cannabis strain has its own smell, taste, frostiness, level of THC. General characteristics including effect on the weed consumer will vary from the two major cannabis strains: indica and sativa. Essentially, most cannabis grown (this is excluding cannabis ruderalis which is known as hemp) are either indica-dominant or sativa-dominant cannabis strains for weed consumption. There are three different major categories of the cannabis plant: indica, sativa, and hybrid.  Each cannabis strain has its own collection of cannabinoids and terpenes in the marijuana plant. Cannabinoids are compounds found in cannabis buds that have medicinal properties when consuming marijuana. Terpenes are aromatic compounds usually affecting smell & taste of a marijuana bud when smoking your weed.

What kind of cannabis seeds should I buy?

Whatever marijuana strain you choose, the cannabis seeds you purchase should be feminized. If not, you could end up growing males which are pretty worthless if you are looking for cannabis buds. Cannabis males will cause seeds in the marijuana buds and that is generally not what you want unless you are hybridizing cannabis strains. The weed that you smoke can only be produced from the female marijuana plants. Additionally, it is important for cannabis cultivators to know that some marijuana strains are much harder to grow and should be grown by experienced pot growers.

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How different are cannabis strains when growing marijuana?

Not every cannabis strain will react the same way to growing factors such as light and your level of marijuana nutrients.. Some cannabis strains are more susceptible to locking up with different PPM levels of nutrients when growing weed. Other factors that vary from cannabis strain to cannabis strain is the amount of stretching into flowering period or bushiness so this is important to consider for marijuana growing space constraints; either vertically or horizontally. Last but not least when considering cannabis strains , a marijuana grower should also consider the duration of maturity of the pot buds, otherwise known as the cannabis flowering period (when you flip your lights to 12 hours).

How do Sativas grow differently than Indicas?

When it comes to growing marijuana, cannabis Sativas tend to grow taller and stretch. Cannabis Indica strains tend to take longer and grow bushier then sativa-dominant cannabis strains. This can become a problem if you have any height issues with growing your cannabis plants. Indicas tend to get a lot bushier and shorter than sativa-dominant cannabis strains. If you have to problems with height issues, you will want to grow in a very wide room using indica-dominant strains.

How do people come up with cannabis strain names?

Cannabis strains are often named after their aroma and potency.  Sativa-dominant plants often take a little more than indicas to harvest in respect to indoor cannabis growing. Potency is typically measured by the amount of THC cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis plant when cultivating marijuana. Potency can also be looked at by the THC / CBD ratio of cannabinoids found in pot plants. Cannabis indicas have historically had a really high THC potency compared to Cannabis ruderalis (hemp) has a really low THC / CBD cannabinoid potency and this type of cannabis is sometimes cultivated strictly for the CBD cannabinoid content.

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