What are Rosin Dabs and how do you make it out of marijuana?

How did Rosin help shape America?

Some people in the cannabis industry may not be familiar with the word rosin dabs that are made heat pressing various forms of marijuana. Using heat and pressure can be an effective way of extracting cannabis into rosin dabs which looks a lot like sap. Historically, rosin actually referred to pine tree sap and has many uses. Rosin was also one of the reasons that England wanted to set up colonies in the Americas to mitigate dependency from Dutch and Swedish supplies.

Why is rosin an awesome form of cannabis concentrates?

Nowadays, rosin describes a form of marijuana extract which uses heat and pressure to press cannabis buds, trim or kief. Rosin is a hot new thing in the cannabis industry and it is pretty awesome because it is a solvent-less marijuana extract with really high THC content. It is relatively cheap and safe to do on a DIY basis because extracting high-THC sap out of your weed requires absolutely no solvents just heat and pressure. If you processing cannabis commercially, then you may want to consider investing in a rosin press.


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How much more THC do Rosin dabs contain compared to marijuana buds?

Rosin dabs are one of the cleanest and safest ways to ingest marijuana due to the fact that this cannabis extraction method does not use any solvents. Just smoking straight marijuana flowers may not do the trick as far as potency so people looking to get really high may want to try a rosin dab to see how it makes them feel. People looking for high THC dosage cannabis products will most likely be looking at concentrates. While really strong marijuana might have a THC content of between 20& and 30%, rosin dabs weigh in at over 70% for the average THC content it contains. Rosin dabs are considered the cleanest form of marijuana concentrates when compared to BHO (Butane Hash Oil) and other cannabis extraction methods using solvents.

What supplies do I need to press my marijuana into rosin dabs?

The extracted oils from cannabis using a rosin press resembles a thick, sticky, liquid substance on your unbleached parchment paper after you are done pressing your cannabis plant material. Heat and pressure is applied to plant matter from marijuana which can include the buds, trim, or kief. This same heat and pressure will not only separate out the oils from the weed but it also converts THCA into THC. Here are the supplies we recommend if you want to try to convert your marijuana trim, buds, or kief into high THC rosin:

  1. a hair straightener with adjustable temperature (you will need the lowest setting)
  2. unbleached parchment paper
  3. micron filter bags (90 or 120 µ micron bag depending whether you are using kief or flower/trim)
  4. your marijuana plant material


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Instructions of how to DIY your own rosin out of your cannabis:

Step 1 – Put your cannabis plant material in a micron filter bag. If you are using marijuana buds, we recommend you breaking those buds up or grind them up. If you are going to use kief, we recommend using a 90 µ micron filter bag. If you are going to use buds or trim, we recommend using a 120 µ micron filter bag.

Step 2 – Cut a piece of unbleached parchment paper into an area that will cover the surface area of your hair straightener. Flatten out the micron filter bag that contains your weed and cover it top and bottom with the parchment paper.

Step 3 – Put the parchment paper that now contains your marijuana separated by your micron filter bag in the hair straightener.

Step 4 – Time to press into rosin. There are a few techniques to doing the pressing. You can with a few factors to get optimal depend on the type of cannabis material you are using. Some of these factors include temperature, the amount of time to press, and the amount of times to press the marijuana. We recommend trying to press once, twice, or three times with various types of marijuana plant material. We also recommend that the amount of time you are pressing your weed, you can experiment between 20 – 30 seconds to see what yields you more rosin. Different cannabis strains will also yield more than others so there’s that.

Summary of Settings for Rosin by type of cannabis plant material you are using:

marijuana rosin settings

This table shows you what recommended settings we suggest by type of marijuana plant material: kief, flower, trim. These settings for making your rosin include the expected yield range, recommended micron filter bag sizes, recommended temperature, and press technique suggestions. It is important to experiment with these factors to see what works for you for getting the best yield of rosin out of the material for your weed.

What kind of technology is needed to turn marijuana into rosin?

The technology needed to create solvent-less cannabis extract is minimal so it easier for weed enthusiasts to do it at home. Best of all this marijuana concentrate is super clean and completely without any solvent residue. Heat and pressure along with a micron filter bag in parchment paper are the things you need to press your marijuana into your own rosin; leaving you with really high THC sap that you can dab. If you are doing bigger loads of cannabis plant material we would recommend investing in a rosin press. Be safe and have fun turning your marijuana into high THC rosin at home. You are now a cannabis extraction expert!


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