Veteran’s with PTSD using Marijuana

Does the VA recognize medical marijuana as a legitimate medical treatment?

Veterans can experience a great deal of stress and even trauma during their military service. Many veterans are struggling with long term medical conditions from their service-related injuries. These scars can be physical and mental. PTSD is a common medical condition that some military service members and anyone that experiences a great deal of trauma. People out of the military with medical conditions can most likely qualify for a medical marijuana recommendation from a cannabis doctor. However, current military service members have to undergo the occassional “whiz quiz”, or drug test using urine, and the military or the VA currently does not recognize medical marijuana as a legitimate medical treatment.

What are some common symptoms of PTSD for veterans?

PTSD, also known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, is a mental condition in which an individual suffers with an extremely stressful or traumatic situation and can cause various symptoms. PTSD is considered a mental disorder and can be debilitating for veterans. Some of these symptoms might include drug or alcohol abuse, suicidal behavior, flashes of anger, or hyper-vigilance. Other PTSD symptoms might involve flashbacks, anger issues, panic attacks, anxiety, and depression.


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Is cannabis effective for treating PTSD symptoms?

Medical marijuana has become increasingly popular among veterans because of the medicinal effects that cannabis can provide people. It is possible for veterans to now purchase cannabis in over half of the United States with a medical marijuana recommendation from a doctor. Many veterans are effectively using cannabis as an alternative medical treatment in order to mitigate some of their symptoms and provide some relief for their medical conditions. Many veterans’ have severe PTSD and run out of options for treatment. Medical marijuana has been proven effective for PTSD and can help reduce anxiety among other effects. There have been medical studies conducted which have supported the effectiveness of marijuana on PTSD. MAPS, or Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, has performed a study involving cannabis and came to a conclusion that marijuana can be an effective in the treatment for PSTD.

Which states are recreational marijuana states?

Even though marijuana is still a federally controlled substance, cannabis has been voted legal for recreational sale and use on a state level. There are a handful of recreational marijuana states with California added to that list as of November 2016. Veterans can purchase weed in those states without potential issues of criminal prosecution. These recreational marijuana states as of 2017 are: Alaska, California, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. There are more states for cannabis on the voting ballots for 2018.


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A word of advice on cannabis-infused edibles…

Many veterans may be cautious to try medical marijuana due to the VA’s legal status of the drug still being federally illegal. The VA, Veteran’s Affairs, is funded by the federal government which means they do not view cannabis as having any medical benefit. Many people are hoping the federal legalization for weed will happen in the short term future. Veterans will be able to use medical marijuana which would replace many pharmaceuticals that they take for PTSD and other related conditions. Cannabis is readily available in many different forms such as the flowers to smoke, marijuana oil vape pens, edibles, and weed tinctures for whatever your desired consumption method. A word of caution for newbies to cannabis-infused edibles: many of these edibles are infused with marijuana extract and are very powerful so be aware of the correct dosage and ask your budtender what dosage is good for you!

Medical marijuana is a great option for veterans looking to relieve their PTSD symptoms. Cannabis has proven successful for people looking to stabilize their mood and live a more normal life. Many patients have been able to discontinue their pharmaceuticals and use medical marijuana in place. Weed can be a legitimate source for treating PTSD and can allow a veteran suffering from it to live a happier.

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