The importance of airflow for your cannabis plants

Why should you have good airflow for your cannabis plants?

Marijuana plants can only grow well if they are able to receive fresh air. It provides a number of benefits, and therefore it is essential to create ventilation in the marijuana grow area. Stale air that remains near indoor marijuana plants is hot and humid, and can really stop the growth of the plant.

Grow lights can produce excessive heat, while the process of transpiration consistently adds to the humidity levels. Transpiration is a natural plant process, which involves the loss of water through the leaves of the plant.

The water evaporates from the leaves through stomata, which are small pores on the undersides. Transpiration cannot be stopped, as the plant requires it to perform photosynthesis, the lifeline of the plant. This means that marijuana plants will continue to produce water vapors, and there needs to be a method in place to remove them, especially in indoor facilities.

Transpiration also occurs at different rates at day and night, which are often emulated with the use of grow lights in indoor tents. This means that a dynamic method is required to ensure that hot and humid conditions do not persist in your indoor garden.

Good airflow around the marijuana plants provides numerous benefits. It lowers the humidity levels down, improves the ability of carbon dioxide (CO2), and significantly controls the temperature buildup.


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How does good air flow affect your marijuana yield?

Cannabis plants that receive good airflow often produce higher yields. Temperature is also managed by creating proper ventilation. The stems of weed plants will also become strong, because they require some wind resistance to develop the required strength.

Exhaust systems are often required to control conditions in indoor marijuana gardens. These systems can be properly concealed and ensure that your neighbors are not affected by your garden. The exhaust system at least, has one fan, although it is ideal to install multiple fans. The exhaust system needs support in the form of ventilation units.

What are ventilation units?

Ventilation units ensure that there is an airflow all across the grow area. It also ensures that the top soil remains dry, which is essential when you are looking to reduce the attack of molds and fungus on your marijuana plants.

These units can also create a breeze, which the cannabis plants need for strong stem growth. The airflow needs to come from the top and the bottom of the cannabis plant canopy.


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The ideal way to place these units, is to place them opposite to each other. The main exhaust system should always be installed on a separate wall. Plants are sensitive and cannot contend strong air currents.

This means that your fans should never directly force air on the plants, as this causes clawed leaves. These are turned leaves that are not good for marijuana plants.

You should also remember that your intake fans should be smaller than your exhaust fans, and there should be ideally a difference of two inches between their sizes.

Oscillating fans are perfect, for creating the right type of air flow. They should be installed above and below the canopy of cannabis plants. You should check the whole room to ensure that the ventilation is working perfectly and there are not hot and humid spots in your indoor marijuana garden.

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