The How-To Benefits of Smoking Marijuana

How has marijuana changed for me over the years?

Well, well, well where to begin. I grew up smoking marijuana at a young age. Since then there has been many things that have changed with the way people smoke. Not only has the quality of cannabis changed, but the process in which I choose to ingest it has well over the years. Back when I first started smoking weed, the quality was not the great.

Scoring pot back then…

The pot that I bought back then known also today as Mexico brick-pack weed. These cannabis buds are very light, if any trimming has been done. The texture Mexican weed was all pressed together with seeds, stems, and sticks alike. The smell of the buds was not very strong. If I had to describe the smell of the buds, it would be a pungent, sour, dirty type of smell. These buds were not exactly ideal and is what you want in your pipe if you can help it.


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Scoring pot nowadays…

Nowadays, most pot buds from a reputable marijuana dispensary are at an all-time phenomenal high in quality, looks, smells and tastes as cannabis cultivation over the years has advanced leaps and bounds. With regards that smoking a high quality cannabis strain such as SFV (San Fernando Valley Kush), when grown correctly can leave a weed smoker extremely high. I know it has served me well when I have consumed this delicious cannabis strain.

When I was younger, I used to smoke as much weed as possible to try “get as high as possible”. After building up a tolerance, I could only get “so” high when I consumed pot. Usually, after I smoked weed, I would get to a point where I would just fall asleep. Falling asleep after smoking as much as I could was not the way to truly getting the maximum benefits that cannabis has to offer. As I have used medical cannabis over the years for various ailments, I have learned to respect the benefits that consuming pot can have a medical cannabis patient.

How have my marijuana smoking habits changed?

Today my weed smoking habits have changed. I use each bowl I pack with cannabis buds, and concentrates, to its maximum potential and I try to get the best hit possible. I prefer to grind up my cannabis to create an even burn across my hit. When I smoke my weed, I hold in the smoke for as long as possible in order to let as much THC enter my blood stream as possible. Since cannabis has gotten exponentially better over the years, it takes far less pot to get me stoned than it did back in the day to feel as high.


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Which is better for smoking cannabis: bong or pipe?

Choosing the right cannabis smoking utensil can make the difference in weed consumers get high. You can feel different effects depending on which pot smoking device that you choose to smoke out of. Pipes can give a pot consumer more direct hits and you can really taste every aspect of your weed. Smoking pot out of a bong, or water pipe, can give a cannabis consumer a bigger and smoother hit of weed. Both devices, pipe or bong, can give a pothead the full effect of being stoned. Depending on the cannabis strain, a weed smokers can usually get a nice aroma and aftertaste from marijuana strains grown today. Just make sure you clean the nasty weed residue from your pipe or your bong so not to corrupt the taste of the cannabis strain that you are smoking.

What temperature should I set my vaporizer to when vaporizing cannabis?

Last but definitely not least, let us weed consumers discuss vaporizers and setting your vaporizer to most optimal temperature. These smoking devices will always give a pot smoker a nice taste when smoking out of these guys. Weed hits from a vaporizer can pack more cannabinoids, such as THC, in your vape hit. THC combusts at 155°C to 160°C (155°C to 320°F) and Cannabidiol (CBD) combusts at 160°C to 180°C (320°F to 356°F). Cannabinol (CBN) combusts at 185°C (365°F). I would say the optimal temperature for your weed vaporizer is 365°F.

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