Understanding the Importance of Airflow for Cannabis Plants

Marijuana plants can grow healthy and strong if your grow room has good airflow. Good air flow provides a number of benefits, and therefore it is essential to create ventilation in the marijuana grow area. Air needs to be moved around in a cannabis grow room because stale air is hot and humid and needs to be recycled. We recommend using oscillating fans to move air around in your grow room. It is recommended for marijuana growers to use an exhaust ventilation system with a carbons scrubber added to remove the odor of maturing cannabis.

Why are oscillating fans used from growing weed?

Oscillating fans are perfect, for creating the right type of air flow. They move the air around in marijuana grow room effectively and they help dissipate heat from your lights. The air flow should be blowing above and below the canopy of of your marijuana. You should monitor your cannabis grow room for temperature and humidity and it really helps to use an atmospheric controller. You want to ensure there are no overly hot and humid areas in your indoor marijuana garden. The ideal way to place these oscillating fans is to place them opposite to each other.

What is transpiration and why should cannabis growers know what it is?

Grow lights used to grow weed can produce excessive heat. Marijuana plants will sweat which is known as the process of transpiration. When your cannabis plants transpire, this will increase humidity levels in your grow room. Transpiration is a natural plant process, which involves the loss of water through pores on the leaves of your cannabis plants. Water evaporates from the leaves through stomata which are small pores on leaves of your weed plants.


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What are the top 6 benefits of good air flow to your marijuana plants?

  1. Good airflow will provide your  marijuana plants with these top 5 benefits:
  2. Helps you control temperature and humidity in your marijuana grow room.
  3. Helps prevent bud rot, powder mildew, and the nesting of spider mites on your cannabis plants.
  4. Helps remove the pungent odor of marijuana in your grow room.
  5. Good air flow will increase stem strength for your cannabis plants.
  6. Helps your weed plants with faster growth and bigger yields due to reasons above.

Why is temperature important for growing marijuana?

Indoor marijuana gardens should use an exhaust systems with an atmospheric controller to control temperature / humidity conditions. Cannabis loves to grow comfortable room temperature.  Too much heat will slow down to the growth of your marijuana plants because photosynthesis will slow down. Lights used for growing marijuana usually give off a lot of heat so it is important to remove this heat with good air flow.

Why is it a good idea to decrease humidity as your marijuana buds mature?

As your weed plants get bigger, they will transpire more so it will be important to suck out that humidity out of your marijuana grow room. Decreasing humidity towards harvest also helps your cannabis buds produce  more resin. More resin means your marijuana buds will be more potent because they contain more THC. Low humidity also helps keep bud rot away which take a nice chunk of your yield away. You won’t be able smoke cannabis buds tainted with bud rot.


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What common cannabis growing problems are avoided by good air flow?

As a marijuana grower, there are a multitude of bad issues such as mites, bud rot, and power mildew (PM) that you may have battle in your harvest. Good air flow helps prevents a lot of these nasty cannabis afflictions. It will decrease humidity created when your weed plants transpire which will help keep bud rot and powdery mildew away. Stronger winds prevents spider mites from nesting under your marijuana leaves.

What are top ways of getting busted for growing weed?

Nosy neighbors and pissed off girlfriends are the two main reasons marijuana growers get busted for growing weed. It is not advisable to grow cannabis near any schools or churches as this will most likely be violating county zoning laws. Many neighbors will not appreciate the smell of dank, marijuana buds as much you do. For this reason, it is recommended to use a carbon scrubber with your exhaust fan so it can get rid of the smell of mature cannabis.

How can good air flow help grow fatter cannabis buds?

Good air flow will create healthy wind resistance. This wind resistance will help cannabis plants grow stronger stems. Stronger stems on your marijuana plants equals bigger and fatter buds when your weed starts maturing. Stronger stems allows your plants to absorb more nutrients and this help grow fatter cannabis buds. The airflow needs to circulate within the tops and the bottoms of your cannabis plant canopy. Avoiding many issues that plague marijuana growers such as mites or bud rot will also really help get the best yield you can for the cannabis strains you have chosen to grow.

One word of caution about using oscillating fans to air out your marijuana plants…

Too much of a good thing is never good! This is the case with too much air flow or wind resistance which could negatively impact how your cannabis grow. The reason why we recommend oscillating fans is that they do not directly blow air on to your marijuana plants.  If your oscillating fans are too close to your weed plants or wind resistance is too great, you will start wind burning your cannabis. This burn will look like clawed leaves and this is not a good thing for growing healthy marijuana trees. When you these clawed leaves on your weed plants you see this you should decrease the strength of the fan or move the fan away if possible.

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