Summary for Selecting the Right Indoor Space Needed for a Marijuana grow room

Choosing the right marijuana strains to grow in a cramped area helps!

Marijuana growers are often cramped for space, and therefore need to use their grow space to their best advantage to hopefully harvest a respectable yield of high grade cannabis buds. One thing to consider as a cannabis grower (especially if you are cramped in your marijuana grow room either vertically or horizontally) is the selection of cannabis strains that you will choose to grow. If you have a low ceiling and will have to battle height issues as your marijuana plants mature, we recommend you grow indicas versus sativas due to the fact that indica strains will not stretch as much as sativa strains. The downfall of growing cannabis indica plants is that they get a lot bushier than sativas so it may get overcrowded if you plant too many cannabis indica plants in a cramped space.

How can trellis netting be useful to a marijuana grower?

You want to make sure that light is penetrating down to every marijuana plant as evenly as possible. This becomes challenging as even different phenotypes of the same cannabis strains will grow differently than your other marijuana plants. We recommend spacing out your girls and giving your marijuana plants enough space to mature and not be smashed against each other. The use of trellis netting allows you to train your marijuana plants to evenly get the light input and grow in an even manner. The trellis netting will allow you to super crop your cannabis which is an advanced training technique. Super cropping bends your weed plants horizontally using the trellis netting.


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Equipment needed for a marijuana grow room will take up space!

You are limited by space when you are growing marijuana indoors. A big issue when setting up grow rooms is that there is always a shortage of space. This is especially true after installing all of the key components needed for a cannabis grow room such as grow trays, lighting and ventilation. Planning your space out and determining what should go where is key when setting up a cannabis grow room. You also need to consider where the access is to your water, drainage, and electricity is situated in your weed grow room.

What is the first step to setting up a cannabis grow room?

One of the first things that a grower will want to set up is their grow trays, the water reservoir/tank, and the HPS lighting that will hang above the trays. After that is all set up, you will need to set up your air intake and exhaust fans with the proper ducting. Your carbon scrubber should attach your air “out” exhaust fan. A powerful enough carbon scrubber will minimize the smell from your marijuana plants in your room.

What is the #1 reason why marijuana growers get reported to the police?

Your growing area should also be discrete, as it is essential to avoid receiving complaints from neighbors. Complaints from people informing on you to the police is the #1 reason why law enforcement catch small scale marijuana grow operations. When cannabis matures, these plants will start producing marijuana buds that can start emitting a very strong odor of weed. That is why is important to have a carbon scrubber in your ventilation system to take out the cannabis odors in your exhaust.


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How important is safety when growing marijuana indoors?

Safety is paramount when growing weed indoors! It is never a good idea to mix water and electricity and can turn out to be very bad if a cannabis grower throws caution out the window. The electrical wiring, cords, power strips, or outlets should always remain away from water! If not, mixing the two can cause fires and electrocution. This is especially true if you have electrical anything on the ground and you accidentally flood your cannabis grow room.

A clean cannabis grow room is super important!

Being clean is important when growing weed and ensuring healthy cannabis plants throughout your grow cycle until harvest. If your grow area is dirty, you run the risk of spider mites (which are bad enough) and potentially other unwanted guests. Before every cannabis grow run, I would scrub everything down with bleach and then rinse completely so no bleach residue exists in your grow trays. Once everything is clean including the walls of your cannabis grow room, it is not a bad idea to use a pyrethrin bug bomb in case there are any mite eggs lurking around.

The selection of the right type of floor is also important in this regard. The floor in your marijuana grow room should be easy to clean. Additionally, bugs and other pests can often penetrate through loose flooring. There is also the option of buying grow room floor coating that is ideal when trying to keep your cannabis grow area clean. Spider mites love living in dead vegetation and “green” trash.

What are two marijuana growing techniques that can help control the height of your weed plants?

Marijuana growers that have low ceilings and low vertical space can resolve their height issues by using two advanced cannabis growing techniques, also referred to as training your weed plants. These two techniques should not only help with controlling the height of your marijuana plants as they mature. The last thing you want to do is burn the top kolas on your cannabis by letting them get too close to your lights. The two techniques are a) topping (which you use only in the veg phase) and b) SCROG or any other super cropping technique.

Topping your marijuana plants is only done in vegetative phase and you should wait a few days after your last topping to flip your lights to a 12 hour photo cycle. Topping is done by removing the main shoot of the cannabis plant and forcing two secondary shoots to grow out into two branches later. This creates more nodes, or more potential opportunities for setting up your marijuana buds. This marijuana growing technique allows a grower to control vertical growth and ensures that these additional shoots will produce a much higher yield of cannabis buds.

Does more light equal bigger marijuana buds and how can SCROG be used?

The second technique mentioned for controlling the height of your cannabis plants is Screen of Green (SCROG). SCROG or super cropping are considered advanced growing techniques to help get more light to more marijuana bud nodes. A trellis netting is installed over your cannabis plants. The cannabis plants will then all grow into the netting and you can train your plants so through the netting so more of the plant gets more light. More light energy will create bigger marijuana buds.

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