Staying Legal in California and Other Medical Marijuana States

What state was the first medical Legal marijuana state in the United States?

There are many rules when it comes to staying within the legal parameters of pot laws when dealing with medical cannabis in California and other medical marijuana states. California became the first medical cannabis state in the US on November 5th, 1996 via Propostion 215. This state level cannabis legislation removed criminal penalties on the use, possession, and cultivation of cannabis by qualifying medical marijuana patients who possess a recommendation from their physician that he or she would benefit from medical pot. Medical cannabis patients who qualify have a debilitating illness in which the medical use of weed has been deemed appropriate by a physician.


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What conditions do you need to qualify as a medical marijuana patient?

Some of the medical conditions that qualify a patient for the use of medical cannabis are as follows: aids, anorexia, arthritis, cancer, chronic pain, glaucoma, migraines, muscle spasms, multiple sclerosis, seizures, epilepsy, and severe nausea.  There are many other symptoms that would are beneficial from the use of medical weed. The conditions listed above are the only state approved illnesses that will legally qualify a person for a state approved card in California. Each state has different medical conditions that will qualify a patient for using medical weed. Patients should check with their local states for a complete list of these qualifying conditions. Other symptoms that would benefit from the use of cannabis are a need for increased appetite, sleeping disorders, anxiety, depression, and IBS.

What are the limits for medical marijuana in California?

Possession of medical marijuana can sometimes be a questionable offense. For example, patients having a California state approved card will certainly have fewer problems in association with the legality of medical marijuana. The California law states that patients may have in their possession 8 dried ounces of cannabis flowers and buds or 6 mature cannabis plants. The California law also allows for 12 immature cannabis plants in the place of 6 mature plants. Each medical marijuana state has specific laws regulating the amount of pot one can possess even with their weed card. Patients should check with their respective state in regards to the rules of possessing and cultivating pot.


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How can I find the medical marijuana limits in other states?

There are many rules that medical cannabis patients must follow when obtaining their cannabis card and these vary from state to state. For limits on possession and cultivation of pot for each medical cannabis state, please refer to:

Specific rules within California require that patients are not to consume marijuana near schools or churches. Other rules that apply can also be that the weed consumer may not open or consume weed within fifty feet of a cannabis dispensary. One can usually apply for a medical cannabis card even that patient is not a resident of that state. It’s important to remember that medical cannabis cards are issued at a state level and will usually not apply in other states even if the other state allows medical pot. Crossing state lines with weed is a big no-no in the sense of federal legality. Cannabis is still illegal in the US under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA).

Another basic rule to remember is that medical weed patients are not allowed to sell their cannabis products to other people. No resale!  Most medical cannabis states will usually require people to get their medical cannabis recommendation to consume weed legally. However, in the recent past, there are a few states such as Washington and Colorado that have allowed recreational weed without the need for a medical cannabis recommendation. Oregon is the newest recreational weed state starting in July 2015.

As times change, so do the rules pertaining to pot as they are pretty dynamic in this current political environment. These are just some points on CA medical cannabis rules and every state is different so please be sure to keep up on all local state and county laws based on where you reside to keep you safe as possible.

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