Stages of development of cannabis plants if you start from seeds

When a marijuana grower starts with clones, there are basically there are two major phases of cannabis cultivation: veg and flower. Light, or more specifically the length of the photo period, will influence your marijuana into one of these major growth phases. When you are growing marijuana outdoors, a couple of months after solstice which is the longest day of the year. With regards to indoor marijuana growing, a cannabis grower will flip their HPS lights from 18 hours to 12 hours to make the marijuana plants go from veg to flower.

What are the growth phases of cannabis starting from seed?

When a cannabis grower starts from seeds, there are more growth phases to deal with. The growth phases that the marijuana plant will go through from seed to harvest are: Germination, Seedling, Vegetative, Pre-Flowering, and Flowering. If you are not getting feminized cannabis seeds, you will need to flower the marijuana plant to ensure that you do not have a male. Cannabis males are worthless if you are looking to grow marijuana flowers, or buds, as they will produce seed pods that look like little ball sacks at the nodes.

Why is germination important when you start your marijuana plants from seed?

Germination is an extremely important stage of the life cycle of cannabis starting from seed. This cannabis growth phase is so important because it is the initial point of developing a root system for your marijuana plant. We recommend using light coco soil with myco fungus which is a beneficial for the root system. We think this is better than using paper towels due to the chemicals found in a lot of paper towels. All that is needed for germination air, water, and a little heat.


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How does air, water, and heat help your cannabis seeds get started to grow?

The coco soil for your starting cannabis seeds should contain perlite as well to allow the soil to be more airy. Air is important for the seed so do not plant your marijuana seeds more than 1/4 inch in your soil. The water will help penetrate the outer skin of the cannabis seed due a release of hormones and an initial taproot of your future marijuana plant will emerge. Heat helps with root activity if you are dealing with seeds or doing your own marijuana cuttings from a mother. Cannabis seeds like to be in an environment that is a few degrees warmer than normal room temperature (around 78 degrees F).

Eventually, the outer shell on your marijuana seeds will soften and break to make room for the taproot that will be emerging from your seeds. This will be the start of your seedling stage and this is where your marijuana plant can grow quite a bit every day. The more your cannabis plants grow, the more you can gradually increase the amount of proper nutrients. This seedling stage can be lengthened or shortened depending on manipulation of the light source. While monitoring your cannabis growth over several weeks, your plants should show signs that they are taking off which means the root systems are expanding.

What are your marijuana plants doing during it’s veg phase?

When your cannabis seedling’s root system will take a hold in your soil, your marijuana plants will start to grow into it’s vegetative stage. In the vegetative state, there are still no buds on your weed plants because the plants are immature. During veg phase, your marijuana plants will start to grow the familiar jagged leaves and grow larger as you add appropriate nutrients especially nitrogen at first. Nitrogen in the N-P-K macro-nutrient ratio is used a lot by a plant in veg phase to help develop. More is less when dealing with nutrients and cannabis plants that are just starting out. You do not want to burn your marijuana garden by over-fertilizing. A marijuana plant will remain in veg phase until nature starts cutting the length of light shining down on your cannabis  plants.  The transition from veg to pre-flower phase is initiated when the light cycle gets cut from 18 hours to 12 hours when you are growing marijuana indoors.


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What makes your cannabis plants start to flower?

The pre-flowering stage starts when the cannabis plants sense that days are getting shorter which would mean after summer solstice. The decrease in sunlight will trigger the weed plants to start maturing sexually and we enter the pre-flower phase. Your cannabis plants should be growing vertically and bushier during this phase. When you starting your marijuana plants from seed, you may not be guaranteed females and you will not really know until your plants start maturing. Female cannabis plants will produce buds but male plants will start to develop sacs at the nodes of the plant. You do not want a male around your female marijuana plants as your buds will start getting seeded if the male is not removed quickly during this growing phase. Marijuana buds with lots of seeds, tastes like crap unless the buds are grinded and the seeds picked out. To avoid this, any identified male marijuana plants should be removed immediately from the growing area. The pre-flowering phase is where small buds will emege with their white hairs start setting up and will subsequently start filling in.

What happens to your cannabis buds during the flowering phase?

During the flowering phase, your marijuana plants are starting to reach a sexually mature stage. During this flowering stage, resin and trichromes begin to start forming on the marijuana buds and leaves. This resin will contain the “THC” which is the stuff that makes your cannabis potent. Remember that the flowering stage starts to occur with reduced sunlight or indoor lighting and this triggers your cannabis plants to start to mature. We recommend giving your cannabis plants molasses or other sugars to stimulate resin production in the marijuana buds towards the end of your flowering phase. You should use the last week or two of this period to fully flush nutrients out of your marijuana plants as this will negatively impact taste if not done. The amount of resin produced will depend not on not only giving your marijuana plants an ideal growing environment but is also dependent on the cannabis strain you are growing. Your marijuana buds are filled out at this point and you should be looking at the hairs and trichromes to tell when to chop your plants down and harvest. The flowering period when you are growing your cannabis plants indoors should be about 8 or 9 weeks (maybe more for sativas as they take longer to mature) which includes your time to flush.

What are some tips when harvesting your marijuana buds?

Harvesting / curing is not an actual stage growth for the marijuana plant development but it is a very important step when you are trying to end up with awesome tasting, potent cannabis buds. As mentioned before looking at trichromes with a magnifying glass or the white hairs turning red are good ways for a marijuana grower to look at their cannabis buds to determine whether they should chop it down and start curing. Over half of those initial white hairs on your marijuana buds should have turned red. If you are looking at trichromes, your trichromes should start looking cloudy versus the initial clear and then you know you are ready to harvest your marijuana buds. If this occurs too early, your cannabis buds might be premature and not have the full resin / THC production that it could have had and your yield will suffer as well. If you harvest your marijuana buds too late, your cannabis will have a more sedative feeling to it and your chances of budrot are high so always keep an eye out for it during this final phase. You want to cure your marijuana upside down on hangers in a cool, dry, and dark place.

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