Soil and Pot options when Growing Cannabis

Marijuana is a plant which has a complex root system. It can be difficult to properly grow its roots in indoor gardens, with shortage of space. Cannabis roots need the support of additional nutrients, which ensure that these plants can grow even in restricted space. Root growth can be controlled with the use of the right nutrients, and strong aeration methods.

The weed plants require the ideal temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit for perfect growth. Marijuana plants also require the right growth medium, in the form of soil or even artificial hydroponic mediums.

Soil is a term which includes a mixture of organic and inorganic elements, such as manure, compost, sand and bark. Commercial soils also contain additional nutrients added by using chemical fertilizers. Soil growers claim that their weed is superior to weed grown using other mediums.

Soil has the advantage of easily maintaining a consistent pH value. It also resists change to its chemical makeup. Soil is labor intensive, and is quite heavy. This makes it quite difficult to use soil in indoor mediums. Weed growers usually mix perlite, when they use soil to grow cannabis in indoor gardens.

Perlite consists of amorphous glass which is expanded through heating and turned into small granules. This is an airy medium and perfect for growing healthy roots, which are required by the pot plant.

Coco coir is also an excellent medium, which is light and perfect for weed growing, when mixed with perlite. It is prepared from the husk of the coconut tree and has the benefits of being friendly to the environment.

Soil offers a few advantages. First, most growers are accustomed to using it, as it is a natural growth medium in gardens. Soil is perfect for beginner marijuana growers as it tolerates the common watering and nutrient addition mistakes. Soil irrigation is much easier to perform as well.

Soil is heavy and difficult to employ indoor. It may attract bugs and fungi that may attack the marijuana plant.

One common problem is the overwatering of the cannabis plants. Overwatering cleans the soil out of the necessary nutrients and really stops the growth of your weed. The right way to water your pot, is to ensure that the top soil in your marijuana growing pot is completely dry, before adding water to it.

Water should always be added to a plant, at the right pH level. You should first add the required nutrients to your water solution and then ensure that it is at the required pH level for your weed plant to grow in a healthy manner.

Air pruning is essential for maintain a healthy root system for your cannabis plants. Excess water needs to be removed as stagnant water attracts contaminants, fungus and bugs. The fabric container pots, fitted with a tray are ideal for growing marijuana indoors. 5 gallon pots are perfect for growing weed plants.

The growth medium for your marijuana plants should be ideally thrown away after each use. However, the soil can be reused a couple of times, if it still contains a good level of nutrients, after the weed plants have matured.

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