Smart Girl Scout sells cookies outside a marijuana dispensary and wins big

You have to love the American spirit of entrepreneurship! This is the story of a smart Girl Scout that found an great location to sell a lot of her Girl Scout cookies. I, myself, have stopped at a Girl Scout station outside of the store to buy some boxes of Thin Mints. These things are irresistible to me and I love eating them frozen. Sadly enough, I’ve probably finished an entire box in one sitting.

Anyway, this little girl definitely earned her “cookie selling” badge in my opinion!


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How many boxes of Girl Scout cookies did this girl sell outside of a cannabis dispensary?

The first girl scout to try to sell Girl Scout cookies in front of a marijuana dispensary happened in 2014 in San Francisco. She managed to sell a 117 boxes outside of this cannabis dispensary in a matter of two hours. That was 37 boxes more sold than when she stood in front of a Safeway the next day. Considering that it box of Girl Scout cookies is $5 and a total of 117 boxes were sold, that would be a sales total of $585. That’s about $292.5 an hour in sales. Not too shabby!

After some pictures were published on social media of a Girl Scout standing in front of marijuana dispensaries, this created a little bit of backlash. Following some bad publicity after that, the Girl Scouts of Colorado initially backed away from having their girls sell cookies in front of cannabis dispensaries. I find this pretty ironic because recreational marijuana dispensaries were legal in Colorado at the time but not in California.


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Can Girl Scouts sell their cookies outside of a marijuana dispensary?

The Girl Scouts of Northern California had no problem with their girls selling in front of cannabis dispensaries. However, the Girl Scouts of Colorado had a completely different stance in that girls can only sell in approved areas. The problem was that none of the marijuana dispensaries were in those approved areas.

The Girl Scouts of Colorado have since backed away from their initial stance, probably recognizing the economic value of their girls selling cookies outside of cannabis dispensaries. They want to review the location of where the girls are going to be selling their Girl Scout cookies for safety reasons. Some smart Girl Scouts have skirted this restriction by using wagons to travel up and down a street. They would not necessarily being selling in one location but may happen to be passing by a cannabis dispensary. You have to love the ingenuity of little girls!

It’s no secret that stoners get the munchies so it makes perfect sense that a good location to sell delicious Girl Scout cookies would be in front of a cannabis dispensary.


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