Selecting the Right Area for Growing Marijuana

Marijuana growers are often cramped for space, and therefore need to use the space to the fullest in order to give out maximum yield. The ideal approach is to employ the strains that grow well in limited spaces and produce the same amount of yield.

Cannabis also needs the right crowding size which can be difficult to implement when indoors. You should keep weed at the ideal temperature by installing the relevant lighting mechanism. The use of screens allows your plants to evenly get the light input and grow in an even manner.

There are important limitations in indoor marijuana growing. One issue is that there is always a shortage of space for installing all the key components for the best marijuana growth. There is also the issue of selecting the right growth medium, such as coco, soil or other hydroponic option.

The first phase in selecting the right area is to properly plan the placement of your lighting fixtures, pots, trays and water and electricity outlets. You can get an all-in-one growth tent, but it is always better to employ more space.

Your growing area should also be discrete, as it is essential to avoid receiving complaints from neighbors. Weed plants can smell very strong, when they reach maturity.

The safety is also an important concern. The electrical devices should always remain separate from the water systems, because they can cause electrocution in the case of an emergency, such as a flood.

Ventilation is another key component in selecting and properly preparing the area for marijuana growing. You should select a private location and help ventilation by installing pipes and using fans if necessary. A cellar with a ventilation system is an ideal choice for growing marijuana indoors.

Cleaning is a key aspect for ensuring the health of your weed growing area. You should first remove the cannabis plants before starting on the room cleaning. Start with the floor first, and work your way to the ceiling. Once cleaned, put the plants back in their original position.

The selection of the right type of floor is also important in this regard. Bugs can often penetrate in loose flooring and therefore it is ideal to either use a concrete floor or cover the existing one with thick plastic sheets.

Growers who have low vertical space can resolve their issue by using two advanced techniques.

The first technique is that of topping. Topping is done by removing the main shoot of the plant and forcing the smaller secondary shoots to grow out. This allows for horizontal growth and ensures that these shoots produce a much higher yield that produced by a single shoot which is limited due to vertical space constraints.

The second technique is that of the Screen of Green (SCROG). A screen is installed over the plants that cover the light source. The plants then all grow into the screen in a uniform manner and spread out throughout the width of the screen, rather than directly targeting for the high-intensity lighting. Branches cannot go beyond the screen and in this way, never block the path of the light for other plants, producing maximum yield from a growth area.

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