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A little about San Francisco and its local cannabis industry

San Francisco is the fourth-most populous city in California and it serves as a cultural and financial center for Northern California. Ever since the “hippie” counterculture and growing opposition towards the Vietnam War, San Francisco has been a hub for liberal activism in the United States. San Francisco is known for awesome landmarks such as the Fisherman’s Wharf or Chinatown.

San Francisco was very much part of the gold rush back in the day and now it looks there will be a “green rush” with the passing of Prop 64.  San Francisco will be setting up a brand new Office of Cannabis. The Office of Cannabis will be handling all licenses and permits related to marijuana. They are also a conduit to other state departments and will also be handling any sort of complaints from the residents in San Francisco. San Francisco is probably seeing a boom in jobs brought in by the cannabis industry, especially around harvest time for trimmers.

What does Proposition 64 mean recreational marijuana in 2017?

Californian voters recently passed Proposition 64 in November 2016. This piece of state legislation allows for the legal sales of recreational marijuana in the state. The recreational cannabis business licenses and sales will be available in 2018. This basically means that no one can really obtain recreational marijuana in California in 2017 even though the law was passed in the 2016 election. Prop 64 kind of puts recreational marijuana in limbo for 2017 even though medical marijuana is largely unaffected.


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What is the “green rush”?

The law opens up lots of opportunity for California residents and investor wanting to get in on the Cannabis industry; also known as the “green rush”. This marijuana-related law has a few flaws that will make it confusing for those that are analyzing it in order to understand what Prop 64 truly means for them and their weed. California followed a few other states that had all ready approved recreational marijuana in the United States previously since November 2016. The other recreational cannabis-friendly states would include Alaska, Nevada, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington.

What are rules for recreational marijuana per Prop 64?

According to Prop 64, an individual above 21 years of age is allowed to possess and transport an ounce of marijuana which is 28.5 grams. A California resident who wants to grow their own marijuana will have a few restrictions as they are grow 6 cannabis plants for their own consumption. Any marijuana plants that a California chooses to grow should not be located anywhere where it is visible to the public. Starting in 2018, there will be commercial cannabis licenses for growers that are wanting to grow more than the 6 marijuana plant limit. For those that want to buy recreational marijuana without growing it they will have to wait till next year, to legally partake.

Since cannabis licenses are not available until 2018, how will people get their cannabis in 2017?

The biggest and most confusing part about Prop 64 how people will be accessing their recreational marijuana in San Francisco legally in 2017. The projected date for the state of California to give out cannabis dispensary licenses and other licenses for different aspects of the marijuana industry will happen in early 2018. This left a lot of people asking where they should attain their recreational marijuana from; at least for 2017. Your only 2 options for obtaining your legal marijuana is to grow your own weed per Prop 64 or get a medical marijuana using a cannabis recommendation from doctor as medical marijuana rules were unaffected by Prop 64. This is reminiscent of 1996 when medical marijuana was approved in California and patients looking for their cannabis also faced the same problem in the first year. Once the state will issue these anticipated cannabis licenses to growers, processors, transportation, and dispensaries in 2018, the cannabis industry will experience a huge boom in California. Colorado will no longer be the biggest marijuana mecca of the United States.

What are the limits regarding cannabis since the passing of Prop 64 and what are some potential consequences?

Just because marijuana is now legal, Proposition 64 does not allow for the public consumption of cannabis. Individuals would need to smoke their weed or ingest their cannabis products in private. Failure to do so can be punishable through criminal arrest. If you go over the limits for marijuana that you possess, this is punishable by arrest. These limits imposed cannabis includes having an amount larger than an ounce of marijuana buds and over 8 grams of cannabis concentrate. The safest way to consume cannabis is in a private residence. Also, use common sense and ensure that children will not be able to access any marijuana or other cannabis-infused products that will be widely available starting 2018.


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How big will the marijuana market be in San Francisco?

San Francisco is going to be a massive market for recreational marijuana. The legalization of cannabis in California will have a positive influence on the value of real estate, not just in San Francisco but all of California. Recreational marijuana is generally sold in commercial buildings. All though Prop 64 allows for recreational marijuana sales in the future, it will still be up to the property owner on whether they will take part in the cannabis market. There is a lot of financial incentive to blow up the cannabis market in California but there is also some element of risk since marijuana is still federally illegal. The banking systems are also controlled by federal regulations so any proceeds from marijuana sales are deemed illegal which means they can be seized by the federal government. It appears that San Francisco is setting an example of who can build an effective framework for recreational marijuana regulations with their new Office of Cannabis.

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    Roger Stone and John Morgan Pressure Trump To Legalize Marijuana.
    Je donnerai encore pplus de détails sur la manière de faire ce type de production dans une basique armoire de chambre et SANS aucune compétence (genre archi débutant comme je l’étais).

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  2. Bhuddism have used in marijuana Sacrament for milennium, March 13, 2018 4:47 pm - San Francisco Recreational Marijuana

    US: Colorado stores blaze a trail – selling pot for recreational use.
    He’s been speaking nonstop for decades, pointing an accusing finger at Lyndon Johnson for alleged complicity in the Kennedy assassination, rooting about in Bill
    Clinton’s extramarital misdeeds, depicting the Bushes as a crime family members.” It’s just that now
    there are much more folks listening. Since long before the
    election, Roger Stone has had an audience with his friend Donald Trump about political issues, and now
    he has formed an organization to pursue political advocacy and the people
    are scoffing at this. To me this is one of the most
    bizarre things that I have saw come out of the cannabis movement’s left wing.
    Someone who carries plenty of weight with the president of
    the USA and is 1 of Donald Trump’s few trusted political advisers, and yes left wing cannabis activists are scoffing at this

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