San Diego Recreational Marijuana

Marijuana provides relief from many acute and chronic illnesses. A few conditions that can be used to treat symptoms with marijuana are cancer, AIDS, organ failure, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, sport injuries, work injuries, car accidents, gastrointestinal issues, spasmatic disorders, headaches, migraines, pain, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, anorexia, and hundreds of other conditions.

During the general elections California voters adopted Prop 64 which legalized growing, transporting, transferring, and delivery of recreational marijuana under certain regulations. Prop 64 allows an individual above 21 years of age to posses up to 28.5 grams and grow 6 plants. Both intake and growing must be done in a private residence out of public eye.

The city of San Diego, California has a huge medical marijuana industry. With Prop 64 now in place, it is projected to be one of the top cities for marijuana markets. Individuals aged 21 years and above can partake in recreational marijuana. Before issuing licenses for retail and grow operations city officials will need to have city measures in place for the safe use of marijuana in the city.

Certain measures will be taken by the authorities in San Diego before allowing the cultivation and legalization of marijuana. There will be not only state regulation but city regulation for Proposition 64 measures. The city of San Diego is projected to have measures that will include rules on where to cultivate, zoning regulations for dispensaries, rules for delivery services, consumption of marijuana, just to name a few.

The benefits of Prop 64 on the city of San Diego is enormous. Both commercial and private property owner’s value of real estate will increase as investors invest into the market. It will be up to the owners to decide if they will partake in Prop 64. Marijuana is still federally illegal and is not allowed into the federal banking systems. In order to accomplish success the city of San Diego will have a committee of experts who can structure regulations for recreational marijuana. Though the marijuana is legalized in San Diego, the city council has put strict rules and regulations for its cultivation and delivery.

The city council has proposed a ban on harvesting crops indoors. They are proposing that grow operations will need to be outdoor, off the grid locations. The planning and zoning commission will set measures that will ensure the regulations for dispensaries selling recreational marijuana. There will also be planning and zoning laws for delivery services. The city is also banning the public use of marijuana including measures for legal consequences of violators. The city goal is to keep marijuana out of the hands of those under age 21, who don’t hold a medical prescription. Local city officials put a 45 days marijuana moratorium in San Diego which bans the use of recreational marijuana. The goal is to make sure there is strict and safe usage in the city.

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