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A little about San Diego and its local cannabis industry

San Diego is one many beautiful coastal cities off the Pacific Ocean in Southern California. It is about 120 miles south of Los Angeles and takes about two or three hours depending on traffic which usually sucks especially Friday. It is also a gateway to Mexico as the city is part of the San Diego–Tijuana transborder crossing. San Diego has also recently approved local marijuana cultivation and the overall supply chain of all cannabis products being sold on either a recreational or medical basis. People voted for this primarily so San Diego would not have to get their marijuana from other sources within California. The San Diego local council vote happened after Prop 64 passed in California which made marijuana legal for sale if you are over 21, much like booze.


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What was the first recorded use of medical marijuana?

Marijuana provides relief from many acute and chronic illnesses. Cannabis was first used medicinally as an anesthetic by a Chinese surgeon by the name of Hua Toa about two thousand years ago. In contemporary times, a few medical conditions that can be helped with marijuana are cancer, AIDS, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, sport injuries, work injuries, car accidents, gastrointestinal issues, spasmatic disorders, headaches, migraines, pain, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, and anorexia to name just a few.

When did California vote to make cannabis legal for recreational purposes and what are the new laws for recreational marijuana?

During the general elections in November 2016, California voters adopted Prop 64 which legalized growing, transporting, distributing, and delivery of recreational marijuana under the guidance of certain regulations. Prop 64 allows an individual above 21 years of age to posses up to 28.5 grams of weed and grow 6 cannabis plants. Both the growing and consumption of marijuana must be done in a private residence out of public eye. Setting up a huge marijuana grow site next to a school or church is probably not a good idea and is sure to cause some issues for the cannabis grower as buds mature and the pungent smell of weed is present.


Now that Proposition 64 made marijuana legal, what does this mean for San Diego?

The city of San Diego, California has had a pretty big medical marijuana industry. With Prop 64 now in place, it is projected to be one of the top cities for the California cannabis industry. Individuals aged 21 years and above can partake in recreational cannabis without the need for a medical marijuana recommendation. It will take some time for the tax money on cannabis to roll in for the state and county. Before issuing these cannabis dispensary licenses for either retail and/or grow operations, city officials will probably come out with county level regulations such as zoning regulations that give the city of San Diego the ability to limit spots for the allowed sale of marijuana in the city. San Diego is projected to have local county marijuana-related measures that will include rules on where and how to cultivate marijuana, zoning regulations for marijuana dispensaries, rules for cannabis delivery services, and where the consumption of marijuana can take place to name a few.

The benefits of Prop 64 on the city of San Diego is enormous. Both commercial and private property owner’s value of real estate will increase as investors will break into the cannabis market. It will be up to the owners to decide if they will let Prop 64 be a beneficial factor. Marijuana is still federally controlled substance and proceeds from cannabis sales are not technically not allowed to be a part of our federal banking systems. In order to accomplish success the city of San Diego will have a committee of experts who will structure regulations for the new recreational marijuana. Though the marijuana is legalized in San Diego, the city council has put strict rules and regulations for cannabis cultivation and delivery. The local city council has recently


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How old do you have to be to obtain recreational marijuana in San Diego?

The city council has proposed a ban on harvesting marijuana indoors. They are proposing that cannabis grow operations will need to be outdoor, off the grid locations. The planning and zoning commission will set measures that will ensure the regulations for cannabis dispensaries selling recreational marijuana. There will also be planning and zoning laws for marijuana delivery dispensaries. The city is also banning the public use of cannabis including measures for legal consequences of violators. The city goal is to keep marijuana out of the hands of those under age 21, who don’t hold a medical marijuana recommendation from a physician. Local city officials put a 45 day moratorium on cannabis in San Diego which bans the use of recreational marijuana. The goal is to make sure there is strict and safe usage of cannabis in the city.

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    US: Colorado stores blaze a trail – promoting pot for recreational use.
    He’s been speaking nonstop for decades, pointing an accusing finger at Lyndon Johnson for alleged
    complicity in the Kennedy assassination, rooting about in Bill Clinton’s extramarital misdeeds, depicting the
    Bushes as a crime family.” It is just that now there are much more individuals listening.
    Since long before the election, Roger Stone has had an audience with
    his friend Donald Trump about political issues, and now he has formed an organization to pursue political
    advocacy for end cannabis prohibition, and the anti-prohibition folks are scoffing at this.
    To me this is one of the most bizarre things that I have saw come
    out of the cannabis movement’s left wing. Someone who carries plenty of weight with the president of
    the USA and is 1 of Donald Trump’s few trusted political advisers,
    and yes left wing cannabis activists are scoffing at this notion.

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