Recreational and Medical Marijuana in the USA

Marijuana is an effective pain reliever with anti-nausea, anti-cancer and anti-tumor benefits. Other conditions treated with cannabis are injuries, accidents, migraines, loss of appetite, anorexia, AIDS, organ failure, RA, MS, gastrointestinal, and spasmatic disorder. Of course there are hundreds of other conditions that are effectively treated and cured with marijuana. Due to its numerous health benefits 25 states have legalized medical and recreational marijuana.

Each state has regulations on specifically where to cultivate, transfer, and consume marijuana. Many states are using public and private lands for the widespread growth of marijuana. It’s estimated that the average commercial amount of marijuana being produced is around one acre outdoor to 20,000 square feet indoors.

Colorado was the first state to legalize recreationally. Oregon has the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program, OMMP and recreational marijuana. Sales and cultivation are available for both purposes in this state. Alaska legalized the recreational use of marijuana in 2015. Like, California the Alaskan licenses for dispensaries weren’t issued until a year after the law was implemented. Washington allows for both medical and recreational marijuana but has severe restrictions on the cultivation of marijuana. California most recently went legal for recreational marijuana, with Proposition 64 in 2017. The delivery of recreational marijuana is still to be determined in 2018. Individuals can grow up to 6 plants, currently. Nevada was also the most recent state to have gone legal in 2017 but has strict regulations on the delivery and processing of marijuana.

Marijuana can be used both medially and recreationally or both to individual consumers. Most recreational states curb the individual age to 21 years old to partake. There are several hundreds of conditions that are effectively treated with marijuana. For those individuals in states where recreational marijuana is available, there will be many individuals who will experiment with cannabis in a medical sense. There will also be users who are strictly getting high for recreational. Whatever your need, marijuana will be sure to help you.

With every state and county there are laws regulating the use and sell of marijuana. As state laws begin to play out the access to this extremely medicinal drug will be available to benefit millions. In the case of medical marijuana, an individual must have a medical prescription from a validated doctor. Medical marijuana is still available in all states that went recreational. The growing popularity of cannabis is due to the efficiency, safety, and effectiveness it has on individuals. With easier accessibility and delivery the healing powers of cannabis can be experienced by many. It is hoped that marijuana will be legalized federally, benefiting all American’s. Whether a recreational buyer or sick patient, marijuana could be the right medicine for you!

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