Pros and Cons of Marijuana pot dealer

How do physicians view cannabis?

A physician’s perspective on the medical Find a pot dealer near you use of marijuana find that the evidence is overwhelming in relieving certain types of pain, nausea, vomiting, multiple sclerosis, cancer and AIDS. It is extraordinary safe as no one has overdosed on pot. Some doctors would caution against the assumption of the safety of pot because they feel there is a lack of scientific data available to prove cannabis medical benefits or detriments.


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What are the cons of consuming cannabis?

Medical organizations such as American College of Physicians “urges review of status of marijuana as a schedule I controlled substance and its reclassification into a more appropriate schedule, given the scientific evidence regarding marijuana’s safety and efficacy in some clinical conditions.” The National Eye Institute has found the cons to be some potentially serious side effects, including an increased heart rate and a decrease in blood pressure when smoking weed. The US Government official’s views in last half of the century have been against pot although 23 states have the use of medical cannabis.

The health risks of smoking pot have shown there is very little evidence that cannabis smoke poses a significant health risk. There has never been one reported case of lung cancer or emphysema attributed solely to smoking weed. As mentioned before, there has never been a case of overdose of consuming pot.

Some people believe that cannabis smoking is likely to weaken the immune system as well as cause infections of the lung. Cannabis is used in treating AIDS and terminally ill; many of these patients who receive cannabis to improve immune function and weight gain. The negatives of marijuana for AIDS patients are that with preexisting immune deficits they may be more vulnerable to ailments than non-cannabis AIDS patients.

Is marijuana addictive?

The addictiveness of cannabis has not been proven. There are really no other medications that have the same mechanisms of action as marijuana. It is believed that many cannabinoids found in cannabis plants work in conjunction with each other and have different effects on the weed smoker’s body.


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How does the FDA feel about cannabis?

Pharmaceuticals have isolated certain cannabinoids to market as their own drugs. For example, Marinol is available by prescription in capsules, but has the disadvantage of containing only synthetic THC and not all the compounds of the cannabis  plant. The product is FDA-approved pharmaceutical known to be effective in stable known dosages.

Why is Cannabis not a gateway drug?

Cannabis can have over 400 chemicals including many psychoactive chemicals which are largely unstudied. The marijuana gateway effect is not a studied explanation for the link between cannabis and the use of harder drugs. According to the gateway drug theory, some people believe that the likelihood of trying harder drugs like cocaine, heroin, and any other drug dependence is increased once some one first tries pot. With overwhelming downward trend strongly suggests that the effect of state medical marijuana laws on teen cannabis use has been either neutral or positive, discouraging youthful experimentation with the drug. Drug tests have led to more people using harder drugs since they dissipate out of a person’s system in a few days where as cannabis stays in your system for 30 days. Whether or not you decide marijuana is for you, it’s important to consider the many valid points are made for and against the use of weed.

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