Oregon Medical Marijuana Program

What is the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP)?

The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program, or OMMP, is a state run cannabis program that distributes medical cannabis cards, or weed cards, to qualifying patients. To get started the first step to getting your Oregon weed card is to apply with a licensed Oregon Medical Doctor or Doctor of Osteopathy  in order to complete the required Attending Physician’s Statement (APA) to accompany your OMMP application.



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How do I get my cannabis card in Oregon?

In order to be valid, the OMMP must receive the Attending Physician’s Statement no later than 90 days of the date the doctor filled out the cannabis card form. The medical cannabis patient must fill out an Oregon weed card application that must be complete with the APA from, pay the appropriate application fees, and present a valid state or federally issued photographic ID (doesn’t need to be issued in Oregon). Application fees may vary whether you are a just a patient or you will be a pot grower. Be sure to send certified mail and request a conformation via mail to be sent back to your address to confirm that the OMMP received your weed card application. It can take around 30 days to get one’s card in the mail. Cannabis card applications that contain incomplete information will be sent back to patient to recomplete.

How is Oregon different if you are growing cannabis?

Oregon is a little different in other medical marijuana states in that you must register your pot grower if you plan on cultivating your cannabis. If you will not be growing cannabis yourself, you can designate someone else to grow for you. A medical cannabis patient can allocate an individual over 18 years or age to operate as one’s weed grower. A patient is allowed to be their own pot grower. The OMMP conducts a criminal backgrounds history on all patients designated cannabis cultivators. According to OMMP “a person cannot be a PRF if they have been convicted for the manufacture or delivery of a Schedule I or Schedule II controlled substance within five years from the date the person applies for registration, or have been convicted more than once for the manufacture or delivery of a Schedule I or Schedule II controlled substance.”

If you plan to grow your own medicinal cannabis or have a designated weed grower you must register the pot grow site address. It must be a physical address located only in the state of Oregon. A person is required to update the OMMP within 30 of change in one’s mailing address, add/ remove caregiver, grower, or grow site. Each state requires you to have a medical cannabis card or recommendation for that state; they don’t generally transfer over to other states.


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What are the cannabis cultivation limits under OMMP?

The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program allows patients to have up to 18 seedlings (less than 12″ in height and diameter), with no cannabis flowers or buds and 6 mature cannabis plants (greater than 12″ in height or diameter), with flowers and buds. OMMP allows patients, caregivers, or growers to possess or transport up to 24oz of usable weed. Smoking pot in public view or public place is prohibited. Driving under the influence of cannabis is prohibited in all 50 states. In Oregon, when transporting your medical weed you are required to carry your cannabis card if you are stopped by the police.

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