Most ideal way to store your cannabis buds

You have harvested your marijuana crop or bought a large amount of weed and want to know how to store it long-term so it doesn’t degrade quickly. You may ask yourself, “How doe the cannabis experts store their weed long-term?”  There are a few things things a marijuana enthusiast can do to keep their weed from degrading.

How long does marijuana last when stored?

The good news is weed will degrade slowly over time but you will  lose some of the potency in your marijuana buds.  This is due to the fact that THC will to grade and THC is what gets you high when you smoke or ingest cannabis.  How long your weed will last is entirely dependant on whether you take into consideration four factors outlined in this article that will keep your marijuana from degrading.



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What four factors can a cannabis user control when they store their weed long-term?

These four factors that you will need to consider when storing your marijuana long-term are:

  1. temperature
  2. humidity
  3. light exposure
  4. air exposure

Controlling these four factors  and following some storing tips outlined in this article will help maintain the THC potency of your cannabis for a long time. Not controlling the these four factors may result in your marijuana becoming moldy or completely degrades into dust where much of the THC is lost.

What is the most ideal environment to store marijuana long-term?

Basically you want to store cannabis long-term in a cool and dark environment much like a wine cellar.  You should store your marijuana in an area where the temperature does not go above 70 F degrees. Temperature and humidity are two very important factors regarding the degradation of the THC potency in your cannabis.

What is the most ideal temperature to store your cannabis?

The place that you are storing your weed should not exceed 70 F degrees. There are two reasons for this. Mold likes to thrive in temperatures above 76 F degrees. A really high temperature can also dry out cannabinoids such as THC.  It can also results in your marijuana losing a lot it’s oils that may contain its terpenes in flavonoids.

What is the optimal humidity to store your marijuana?

The optimal humidity to maintain the freshness of your weed is 62% Relative Humidity (RH).  Is possible to maintain this  optimal relative humidity by using Boveda humidity packs.

How can light exposure degrade your cannabis?

UV rays At certain wavelengths can have harmful effects 2 organic matter such as human skin. There was a Study done pertaining to the degradation of cannabinoids by the University of London in 1976. This study go up with the conclusion that light is the biggest factor in the degradation of cannabinoids. this is important because one of those important cannabinoids is THC which will dictate the potency of your cannabis.

How can exposure to air and oxygen  ruin  the quality of your marijuana?

Exposure to air and marijuana do not mix. That is because exposure to oxygen will also cause your marijuana to degrade in THC potency.  The containers or mason jars that cannabis users should use to store their weed should be airtight. It would also be great if the containers or jars had some way of vacuuming out the air in the container without smashing your marijuana buds.


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What are some important take away to remember when storing your weed long-term?

In conclusion,  the most ideal environment to store your marijuana should be cool and dark where are the room temperature does not exceed 70 F degrees .  Additionally keep your cannabis stored at a relative humidity of 62%. The containers that you use to store your weed should be airtight. It is  additionally recommended that the container you are using has some kind of hand vacuum pump to suck out the oxygen in the jar or container.

We also want to leave you with a few things of what not to do when storing your marijuana:

  • Do not store your  cannabis in the refrigerator or the freezer.  storing in a fridge and cause mold and storing in a freezer cause you to lose a lot of your trichomes.
  • Stay away from using plastic bags as a long-term storage solution for your weed.  the electric charge in the bags will attract the trichomes in your weed.
  • Do not store your cannabis near any electronics or appliances.  These household items will give off heat and you want to stay away from that.

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