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If you are medical marijuana patients in California you will have two options for purchasing your weed legally. This can be done through medical marijuana storefront or a cannabis delivery service. The requirement is that you must contain a current California medical marijuana recommendation. Dispensaries are generally required to have a patient sign a collective membership agreement form. When using a delivery service they will deliver to your door, which for those needing convince this is a great option. There are pros and cons to using either option for cannabis consumers.

If you are looking to acquire a current California medical marijuana recommendation you will want to try, FindDankWeed. To service will help you find a medical marijuana doctor near you through a map-based tool. When you visit the site you will want to select “Dispensaries” under options, then “Storefront” or “Delivery”. Next you will select the area you are looking to find cannabis near you. You can call or visit the dispensaries in order to complete the registration process so you can find top-shelf medical marijuana.


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Differences between medical marijuana storefronts and delivery services

There are two main differences between storefronts and cannabis delivery services. These are the convenience and discreteness. The process is quite simple when going a storefront. Once you complete registration or check in you will be allowed into the next room which will have medical marijuana and products for sale. There are a few benefits of storefronts. They have marijuana specialist called budtenders that are able to ask questions about strains, products, marijuana related topics. Most of the people are quite knowledgeable and caring in helping you select the right medicinal marijuana for yourself. The second advantage of delivery service is the discreteness. Some patient can’t or don’t want to use the medical marijuana storefronts. Cannabis delivery services are a great option for those buying discretely.

How to buy weed online via a 24 hour cannabis delivery mail order service?

There is a third option available for medical marijuana patients as both storefronts and cannabis delivery have operating hours. There is an option to buy weed online using a cannabis mail order service. One reputable service that offers 24hr cannabis delivery via next day mail order is CaliCannabisExpress. You can place your weed online order anytime and it will be delivered at your doorstep the next day. They offer top shelf indoor cannabis flower 1/8s at $45 and they also offer first time medical marijuana.


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