Marijuana Becoming Mainstream

Is Marijuana becoming mainstream in the United States?

Did you ever think that one day a pack of cannabis joints could be sitting on the shelf there for sale, right next to cigarettes and cigars alike? Well buy weed for recreational purposes is not off the table in some states such as Colorado, Washington, and recently Oregon. After the initial disbelief that weed legalization would happen some day, what do you think these pot products would be like? My guess is cannabis legalization won’t happen as we all may like to see it happen. As a chronic pot smoker, I would much rather see this than our never-ending and failing war on drugs, and subsequently the war on weed. There are many questions in my head when marijuana becomes mainstream.


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Could the US government make tax revenue selling legalized weed?

The regulation of mainstream cannabis will hopefully have its first major change when weed becomes federally legalized. The government could with stand to make lots of revenue in taxing marijuana like it does the alcohol and tobacco industry. It would need to be determined who will be in charge of regulating cannabis. Medical and recreational cannabis regulations would include quantity of weed that a cannabis consumer can possess, weed growing limits, and cannabis transport limitations. In my opinion, full pot legalization would entail that states did not have any limits on pot possession or limits on growing cannabis. Americans will still need to be cannabis dispensaries in order to create safe access.



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What do Americans think about marijuana?

An overwhelming majority of Americans think that weed should be federally legalized and be declassified as a federally classified drug. Federal cannabis legalization should happen in the next century. Currently, there are twenty three states that have legalized cannabis for medicinal or recreational use. The next big move I imagine is that pot will become corporate. Huge industries like big tobacco, pharmaceuticals, beverages, and food alike will be getting ready to introduce to the public their own versions of cannabis drinks, pot edibles, pills, and rolled products alike. There is so much potential money to be made from weed in this new, up and coming cannabis market.

However, us pot smokers will have to wait and see when federal marijuana legalization for recreation use falls into place…at least in California where recreational weed is not currently legal. Can you imagine a world where cannabis is as mainstream as beer and wine. One obstacle to weed legalization will be people’s view of cannabis in their daily lives. Even though 75% of all Americans (opposing and unopposed) believe that pot should be legalized in some form or another. Being a medical cannabis patient, I personally hope it we advance the science of THC and CBD, two cannabinoids found in cannabis plants.

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