Marijuana, a Treatment for Sleep Disorders

What toll can sleep deprivation have on you?

Many people around the world have some sort of sleep disorder which leads to many sleep-deprived people. They are many different kinds of sleep disorders and they can affect each person differently. Some people have mild awakenings at different intervals throughout the night. Other people have insomniac conditions that can cause many different problems for individuals such as adding extra anxiety, fatigue, and stress to their life due to lack of sleep. Whatever sleep disorder you have, the significance of it on your life can be detrimental if not treated properly. Many people that are trying to fall asleep find that staring at the walls at night and is extremely frustrating.

The medical community has several methods to treat these disorders. Some treatments include sleeping pills, therapy, and proper exercise. For some sleep disorder sufferers, these methods don’t work as an effective treatment option. Many of these patients are now turning to marijuana to help with their sleep disorders.


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Does marijuana increase the number of hours a person will sleep for?

Dr. William O’Shaughnessy conducted a research study in the 19th century regarding sleep patterns. He wanted to know if cannabis increases the number of hours that a patient sleeps. His study found that the patients that were suffering from insomnia as well as other sleep disorders improved with the consumption of marijuana. He also found that ingesting cannabis was an effective medicine in regulating the sleep ailments.

Is cannabis a safe alternative to other sleep medications?

Sleep disorders can have a significant effect on an individual’s life. It has also been fatal in cases where the disorder was not cured or addressed. Sleep disorders can result in relentless stress, depression, anxiety, fatigue and an overall lower quality of life for the person that is suffering. This can lead to more serious acute ailments. Marijuana is known to be one of the most effective remedies for sleep disorders. The potency and strain of the cannabis also plays a role on how the marijuana will effectively treat one’s sleep disorder. Cannabis can be a healthy safe remedy for sleep disorders. This is compared to the numerous sleeping pills and sleep-inducing drugs that have serious side effects which can even include death. Death is not a side effect from consuming cannabis. This is why many health professionals are now prescribing marijuana to their patients with sleep disorders.



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What are some compounds from marijuana that can help with sleep?

The following are marijuana-related compounds that help with sleep disorders. The first two are cannabinoids inherently found in cannabis and Dronabinol is also known as Marinol, or pharmaceutical THC.

  1. THC – This is the most famous cannabinoid found in marijuana and works at changing sleep disorders. Many users find that it induces relaxation and sleep by regulating sleep patterns.
  2. Cannabinol – 5x more effective at treating sleep disorders than THC. It’s an effective sleep inducer, which allows individuals to sleep through the night.
  3. Dronabinol – Is  a pharmaceutical alternative and contains THC which helps reducing sleep apnea through regulating the person’s breathing patterns while sleeping.

Which cannabis strains are better for sleep disorders?

The marijuana strains that can really help with sleep disorders are usually indica-dominant strains. They can help in reducing rapid eye movement during sleep which can effectively aid patients with disturbed sleep patterns.

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