Marijuana, a Treatment for Migraines and Headaches

Migraine and headaches are the most common and frequent illness among American’s. This can be caused by extra stress often times from a hectic work schedule as well as family life. Many individuals often feel fatigue which can cause significant problems for the individual. Many times these headaches can get in the way of a person’s daily activities.

For some suffers they have these headaches every single day, which is a chronic medical condition. These suffer’s should seek treatment in order to cope with the daily symptoms. Other’s have migraine headaches from unexpected stress in one’s daily life which periodically come and go. Often times these headaches can be easier to treat than those which a chronic condition.

There are many different medical interventions. These include prescription drugs, therapy, and exercise, among other treatments available. Most of the time prescription medication only aids with symptoms and there is no long term cure. Since the late 1800s marijuana has been an effective remedy in curing migraine and certain types of headaches. Marijuana is much safer than prescription medications as the potential for overdose is absolutely zero. The side effects are extremely nonexistent compared to prescription medication. Marijuana is an effective natural remedial in treating marijuana.

Marijuana contains a compound that helps in relieving migraine symptoms and headaches. THC or Tetrahydrocannabinod helps many different symptoms that make up a headache. It induces relaxation so that the nerves can begin to be less tense. It is also an effective remedy to induce sleep. Many users will find that taking a nap or falling asleep overnight helps tremendously with headaches and migraines. Smoking marijuana is helpful in aiding with migraine headaches. It often times gives instant relief to sufferers by reducing stress and anxiety. Smoking cannabis at the first sign of migraines will make the cannabis more effective with curing the headache.

All cannabis strains are great for migraine headaches. Sativa is the most effective in reducing headaches and the severe pain from migraines. It targets receptor cells in the brain and nervous system. This is what provides immediate relief.

THC pills, Marinol has been prescribed for many users which chronic migraine headaches. These pills have effectively relieved patient’s symptoms. Marinol does not make the user high like smoking marijuana. It also has no side effects compared to other prescription medicines.

Marijuana is considered to be the most effective remedy for migraine headaches. It aids in curing the symptoms. The University of Colorado reported that 19.8% of patients measured marijuana an effective remedy for migraine headaches. 85% of people addressed that they suffered from fewer migraines after using marijuana, regularly. Marijuana is prescribed by various people in the medical community due to its powerful ability to effectively cure migraines and headaches.

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