Marijuana, a Treatment for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be a big problem in an individual’s life. It can be both acute and chronic. No matter when it strikes, it will bring havoc to your life. There are so many different reasons that one may have pain. For some it can be an accident, illness, or other acute condition. For others it could be from cancer, AIDS, organ failure, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, gastrointestinal issues, injuries, car accidents, and a hundreds of other chronic conditions that cause pain.

For those if not treated immediately, can be life threatening. All though there are many treatments for pain, hardly any of them are cures. The pain medications available come with severe and life threatening side effects. There are several hundreds of thousands of deaths each year from accidental overdoses of pain medication. It is considered one of the most highly addictive and deadly medicine of all time. Most treatments that target symptoms of pain are inefficient long term treatments. With advances in medical science they are starting to learn more about efficient forms for treating severe pain.

Many medical professionals have found that marijuana benefits individuals in relieving their chronic pain caused by accident, illness, and injury. For those with pain caused by diseases like cancer, AIDS, RA, MS, spasmatic disorders, and migraines the benefits of consuming cannabis can significantly reduce one’s suffering.

There are many marijuana strains that aid in relieving different types of pain. Depending on the type of pain caused whether from an injury, organ failure, acute, or chronic diseases, there is a marijuana strain for you. Indica’s tend to be the most powerful of the pain relievers and works great for severe pain and nighttime. Sativa works well for those that need pain control but don’t want to feel sleepy. A Hybrid is a nice mix of the two, which goes great for those that want to have a relaxing, mild day. Marijuana affects each person differently, it’s important to experiment to find out what strain works the best for you.

The cannabis strains that have proven to be effective for pain control are ACDC, Harlequin, Purple Arrow, Cataract Kush, and Redwood Kush. ACDC treats spasmatic pain caused by injury of a body part. Harlequin is known to relieve visceral pain from inflammation of the abdomen, tissue damage, and organ injury in the abdominal cavity. Purple Arrow works at curbing neuropathic pain which can cause headaches and migraines. Cataract Kush targets spinal injury pain. Redwood Kush relieves muscle cramping or muscle injury pain.

Pain relievers such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and Vicodin are extremely toxic to the body specifically the liver. Extreme side effects and highly addictive rates puts pain killers as the most dangerous class of medication commonly abused today. This is why marijuana is a much healthier choice.  There are non-psychoactive forms to get rid of chronic pain, like CBD. Marijuana stands to the most safest and reliable method for treating chronic pain.

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