Marijuana, a Treatment for Cancer

Cancer is rapidly growing disease. It is often a fatal and claims countless lives of millions around the world each year. It has become even more common among individuals over the past few decades due to lifestyle changes in individuals. There are treatment methods available such as powerful prescription drugs, chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. These treatments come with numerous disturbing side effects which can cause severe pain to sufferers. Many oncologist have found out that marijuana aids in relieving cancer.

Cannabinoids prevent tumor growth by causing death to the cancer cells. They also block new growth while enhancing the growth of normal cells at the same time. They protect against inflammation of the colon which rescues the hazard of colon cancer. Delta-9-THC aids in curing liver cancer via killing the affected cells. This has been found to be an anti-tumor benefit which helps in relieving cancer. Cannabidiol, CBD has proven effective in the cure of breast cancer by causing death of cancer cells. It reduces the number of cancer cells, growth, and further spread of the affected cells. Cannabidiol and Delta-9-THC when given along with other therapies such as chemotherapy can effectively reduce the growth of tumor cells without affecting the normal cells.

Marijuana is a positive drug with little side effects. It has proven effective in curing cancer. Researchers have found this drug to be more effective in reducing the growth of cancer cells compared to other medicines and treatment methods used. What makes marijuana so imperative to treatment are the reliability, efficiency, and effectiveness it has in curing cancer. Many medical professionals that treat cancer are now turning to marijuana. It has proven effective more and more as time goes on in research studies. These studies and personal experiences from doctors, oncologists, and therapist are what are making marijuana a now go to treatment for cancer.

Marijuana is much more effective when combined with traditional therapies like chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, and prescription drugs. All though it has lots of properties that help cure cancer, the time needed to cure may exceed the individual’s time to fight the cancer. It’s important to understand how marijuana is effective to treat cancer and how it should be integrated with other therapies.

Marijuana helps tremendously with the side effects from these anti-cancer treatments. The side effects can be severe nausea, pain, weight loss, among hundreds of other symptoms. If marijuana was prescribed more frequently during cancer treatment the patients level of suffering would be lowered tremendously. Marijuana has the ability to saving lives of cancer patients around the world.

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