Mailing Medical Marijuana

Can I get marijuana mailed to me?

A new and upcoming way of getting your weed is through the mail. There are some fine lines that one must know before trying this method. There is the legal way and the illegal way to sending marijuana through the mail. Let’s see exactly what getting your pot through the mail means.



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How can I get cannabis mailed to me if I am a medical marijuana patient?

One of the safest ways of getting your weed through the mail is via marijuana dispensary where they will overnight you an order directly to your door. This depends on where you reside, as some states do not allow marijuana dispensaries to send cannabis through the mail. If your state allows for overnight cannabis delivery service, than one must have a valid medical cannabis recommendation.

Overnight Cannabis Delivery anyone?

A great overnight pot delivery service in California is If you live in Washington or Colorado you may not even need a recommendation as recent laws have legalized weed for recreational use. Oregon will be the next state in July 2015. If you’re interested in finding an overnight delivery service in your area you can use a pot-friendly search engine such as They can direct you to state-wide and local cannabis dispensaries that will cater to your specific wants for cannabis buds, hash, oils and more. Do some searching around online to find the weed dispensary that suits your needs best.


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Is mailing marijuana legal with the USPS?

An important rule of law to remember is that if you live in a state with legalized pot for recreational use, you cannot send pot to residents within your state and others. So don’t go packing up your weed and send it where ever you please, without thinking about the legal consequences that could take place. All mail through the Postal Service is regulated by the Federal Government, thus its 100% illegal to ship weed with USPS or any of its subsidiaries. This means even though your state has legalized medical or recreational cannabis, it is still a crime to send weed through the mail, no matter what the reason.

Is it legal to ship weed if you use a private courier?

If you plan on using a personal mail service, like a courier, then you might think that you’ve snuck around the law. It is true that some courier services are less concerning about delivering what they might suspect contains weed. This is especially true if you plan to transport marijuana across state lines. However, under federal law it is still illegal. These laws regarding cannabis are constantly changing so be sure to check with your state for the most current weed legislation.

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