How long does it take to pass a drug test for marijuana?

THC in Marijuana will take the longest of any drug to clear out of your system!

For people that love to smoke marijuana, there might be a need to pass a drug test somewhere in your life. It may be a job that requires it, maybe you are on probation, or it could be for some sports-related activity requiring you to give a drug sample. It depends on your frequency of usage of cannabis and how fast your metabolism is. THC found in marijuana gets saturated in your fat cells. Unfortunately, the THC found in cannabis takes the longest of most drugs to metabolize and clear out of your system. The exact answer of how long marijuana will stay in your system will very per person. The longest that THC would stay in your system if you are a chronic cannabis consumer is a little less than three months.

How long do I need to wait to pass a drug test if I am a chronic weed smoker?

Not all drug tests testing for traces of marijuana are not created equal. Some drug tests have much stricter limits for testing positive and are measured in nanograms of THC per milliliter. A common number to test positive for THC (the cannabinoid compound found in cannabis that is being tested) in a lot of drug tests is at a sensitivity of 20 ng/ml. Those kind of traces of marijuana can easily stay in a person’s system for at least 30 days but this will depend on how active that person is to burn the fat cells that stores the THC. People with more fat content will likely take longer for their system to clean out their system from traces of marijuana. Individuals who are chronic cannabis consumers can easily take up to 2 to 3 months of no smoking in order to pass sensitive drug tests that can detect THC.



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What type of drug tests can be used to test for marijuana use?

The type of drug test can also play an important role in determining when your biological system will be free of traces of marijuana. The most common type of drug test is a urine test which has the least amount of limits but often times are quite accurate. Other drug tests can be more scientific involving DNA and these would include either a blood test, mouth swab, hair follicles, sweat, or finger nails. People looking to get into law enforcement shouldn’t even attempt to ingest any kind of cannabis as you will probably need to undergo a hair follicle test. Traces from weed can be found in your system from a much longer period with drug tests using hair follicles.

Can I test for weed at home?

No matter the reason you need to take a drug test or type of test you need to undergo, passing a drug test can be very stressful and a real pain in the butt. For people looking to find out if they are still testing positive for marijuana before attempting the official test, is recommended to buy a drug test you can do at home. Make sure that the drug test  includes testing for THC. You can buy these tests online or at a Walmart.



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What are some common ways to help get traces of cannabis out of your system?

There are some measures might help speed up the process of metabolizing THC but none of those methods are guaranteed. Charcoal pills are thought to absorb some of the traces of cannabis out of your body. Make sure you drink a lot of water. Taking vitamin B, and zinc are also thought to aid in the process of getting weed out of your system. There has even been suggesting about taking Midol to help flush your system. Exercise will help burn fat cells that store the THC molecules in your body.  These are all common measures to try and flush traces of marijuana out of your system. There really is no exact remedy to speed up your body’s ability to pass a drug test testing for cannabis so be weary of any snake oils that head shops might be selling.

Marijuana can be extremely helpful for people that are suffering from many medical conditions. It is also good times to have fun with various cannabis products for people looking to get high on recreational basis. Before partaking of weed, it’s useful to know when you would possibly need to take a drug test for marijuana and what type of test it would be. If you are under regular piss tests as found in the military, it would be advised to stay away from marijuana until you get out. For people that smoke cannabis and find out that they need to take a drug test, stop smoking weed, drink lots of water, exercise, and time is what you will need to metabolize enough of the THC to not test positive. If possible, you can try clean urine samples if not under strict supervision.

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