How long does it take to pass a drug test for marijuana?

For some of those that love to smoke pot but need to pass a drug test, this can become quite complicated. It may be a job, doctor, probation, or sport related activity giving you a drug test. Researchers have debated this issue for a long time. Unfortunately, marijuana takes the longest of drugs to clear your system. The exact answer will very per person.

The trace amount of weed in one’s biological system depends on the drug test at hand. Some have much stricter limits which are measured in nanograms per milliliter. A common number for drug tests is at a sensitivity of 20ng/ml. The traces of marijuana can easily stay in your system at least 30 days. Those that have more fat content will likely take longer for their system to clean. Some individuals can easily take up to 45-60 days of non smoking in order to pass sensitive drug tests. These are often heavy smokers of marijuana or those attempting to pass an extremely sensitive drug test.

The type of test can also play an important role in determining when your biological system will be free of traces of drugs. The most common is a urine test which has the least amount of limits but often times are quite accurate. Other tests can be more scientific such as DNA factors. This includes a blood test, mouth swab, hair follicles, sweat, and finger nails. For those that work in law enforcement they shouldn’t even attempt to smoke marijuana as the traces on these drug tests like hair follicle can test back a long period in time.

No matter what the reason or type of test, passing a drug test is a real pain in the butt. For those looking to find out if they are still dirty before attempting the official test, is recommended to buy an at home drug kit. There are some measures for attempting to speed up the process but none are guaranteed. Charcoal pills, Vitamin B, Zinc, drinking excessive amounts of water, treatments that flush your system have all been a common measures used by those attempting to pass a drug test fast. There is no exact science known to date to speed up the ability to pass sensitive drug tests. Marijuana is extremely helpful for those suffering from many medical conditions as well as for those seeking to recreationally use. Before partaking it’s best to know what your status is for taking a drug test for marijuana. If you are under strict regulations like the military, it would not be a good idea to partake. But for those that smoke weed and find out that they are subject to a drug test, will need to wait it out in order to pass their test. Be sure to give yourself enough time.

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