Lesser Known facts about Marijuana

Marijuana has so many uses that most people don’t realize all the facts. With over 28 states having some sort of marijuana legislation, most people are waking up to the cold hard facts. There are 5 states as of 2018 that have recreational marijuana legislation. The first fact is marijuana has well over several hundreds of different names around the world. To name a few are cannabis, weed, dank, chronic, Mary Jane, 420, bud, dope, and pot.

The next fact is that marijuana contains a compound called THC, which is the most known and controversial compound in the cannabis plant. THC stands for -9-tetrahydrocannabinol. It also contains other compounds like CBD, CBN, CBC, and THCA just to name a few of the 400 compounds that make up the plant. THC is used to treat hundreds of medical conditions. Some common conditions effectively treated by cannabis based THC is pain, anxiety, seizures, migraines to name a few.

Another fact about marijuana is that you must spoke the dried leaves, known as flower, to get high. This in smoked in a many forms such as via a pipe, bong, bubbler, vaporizer, joint, or blunt to name a few. The flower is the part of the plant that contains the most THC compound. Marijuana is referred to as cannabis Sativa or Indica. There are also hybrid breeds of the cannabis plant that combine the two chemicals.

When using decent marijuana most people will feel a high within 30 minutes. The strength of the marijuana is based on the levels of THC and like compounds. Cannabis can be used either medically and/or recreationally including religious purposes. Smoking the flower is the quickest way to feel a high or relief from the symptoms you face. Some people, mainly those new to the plant may feel a euphoric high from the THC which will go away within minutes to hours. Every person has their own level of tolerance, so marijuana will affect those individually.

The next fact is that you can extract the THC and other compounds to make concentrates. Some common concentrates are kief, hash, and oil. Edibles are another popular and easy way to ingest marijuana. These can be made from the flower or concentrate of the cannabis plant. The popularity and multiple uses of the cannabis plant is making it a fast, growing industry that is quickly become popular among American’s. THC is an effective way of treating medical conditions as well as those looking to feel a euphoric high. There are many of those looking to gain knowledge on facts about marijuana.

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