What to know when growing different Cannabis Strains

This chapter describes that there are two important natural varieties of the cannabis plant, namely: Indica and Sativa. Hybrid varieties have also been prepared by combining the genetic traits of both of these varieties. There is also a third weed variety of Ruderalis, which was used for producing hemp paper. The Sativa strains deliver a euphoric experience, while Indica is famous for providing mental energy.

The Indica strain of marijuana has an Asian background and is the one normally produced in the Hindu Kush Mountains, especially the Kush variety. It produces thick leaves and dense buds. It is ideal for growing indoors and has dark green vegetation. It produces a relaxing effect, since it is high on CBD, a chemical that relaxes the mind.

The Sativa strain is based in South American and Southeast Asian countries. This strain grows taller, and matures after a longer vegetative period. It is perfect for growing in external gardens, as it requires vertical space. It contains concentrated THC, which speeds up brain functions and provides energy to the user.

However, the hybrids strains of marijuana are the best. Strains, such as OG Kush are great in this regard. Not only do they have the quick growth associated with the Indica strains, they also have increased disease resistance and can survive the harshest environments. These strains are also great for medical use.

The Kush weed strain is extremely important. It naturally grows in the Hindu Kush Mountains, which are present Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Northwestern India. This strain is extremely efficient, and has the highest yield among all natural varieties. The OG Kush is a hybrid variety, which is able to avoid the diseases which are usually experienced in the American growing habitat.

Some of the important plant characteristics include the yield, the ease of growth and the chemical make. The most yield producing plants can be difficult to manage and should not be selected by first time users. The new growers should also select easy to grow varieties and should never start with difficult to manage cannabis Kush strains.

The chemical nature of the product is also essential, as different varieties of weed have a different mix of cannabinoids and terpenes. Cannabinoids are compounds which produce the psychoactive effects, and include THC (TetraHydroCannabinol) and CBD (CannaBiDiol). Terpenes on the other hand, are compounds which are often found in many plants. They work as plant steroids and many of them are known to produce strong effects on the human body.

The right weed variety is the one, which best matches your desired characteristics. You need to remember that the first few seasons consist of the learning period and should not be used to grow expensive strains that you cannot manage.

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