What to know when growing different Cannabis Strains

Ready to grow some weed? If so, this guide should help you understand how to grow multiple cannabis strains like a pro.

What is the benefit of growing multiple marijuana strains?

Growing your own cannabis can be fun and the good part about it is you can pick whatever marijuana strain you want to grow. Picking a kick ass cannabis strain is one of the first steps of a successful grow and harvest. There are major some growing differences to be aware of as certain strains may grow differently than other strains in terms of environmental factors and nutrient uptake. Different marijuana strains can also very in terms of the time it takes to mature into dank buds. The three main species of cannabis strains are as followed: a) Indicas, b) Sativas, c) and Hybrids.  Growing multiple marijuana strains at the same time can be a little tricky (especially indoor). If successful, it can provide a weed grower a nice variety of cannabis to have that you grew.

What are some main differences between the cannabis species?

If you have ever walked into a marijuana dispensary, most dispensaries will categorize their products into the three main cannabis species.There are also kush strains which we will cover later. The effects of indicas versus sativas will differ in terms of how it makes your mind and body feel.  Sativas tend to be more uplifting and more of a head high. Indicas may be more suited  for medical marijuana patients that is trying to treat medical issue such  as muscle spasms or insomnia. Indicas will probably make you feel a little more sedated than sativas would. There are two compounds found in cannabis called cannabinoids and terpenes. Cannabinoids will affect how the weed will make you feel and terpenes will impact taste and aroma of your marijuana buds.


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How are sativas or indicas different when growing them?

Now, we are going to discuss the differences between the different cannabis strains in terms of growing them. Sativas can grow a lot faster in the vegetative phase than indicas and will generally have a longer flowering period. They also tend to grow taller and thinner than Indica plants. If you are growing weed outdoors, I would recommend growing sativa strains as you will never deal with a. Indica cannabis strains have a shorter flowering period and will grow shorter and  bushier than sativas strains. Indoor marijuana growers like growing indica strains because space is usually limited and you don’t have to deal with height issues like  you would with sativa strains.

How important is to have a good marijuana strain to grow?

Nowadays, most cannabis strains are hybridized to some degree containing a mix indica and sativa along with their corresponding effects on the marijuana consumer. You might hear terms like indica-dominant or sativa-dominant which are hybrids but the genetics are dominant to either side in terms effects. The overall bud yield and the length of you need for flowering may vary with different hybrid strains. The quality of genetics is a big thing for experienced marijuana growers. Please keep in mind that you can be the best marijuana grower in the world but if you’re straight sucks that your harvest will suck!

Why does it take a little more planning to grow multiple marijuana strains?

There are a couple of factors to consider when growing sativa and indica strains together in the same grow.  This is probably more applicable to indoor marijuana growers than outdoor growers due to the space and height constraints of your grow area. Growing various marijuana strains is going take a little more planning. This is especially true towards the time you are trying to harvest due to the varying flowering periods. You may need to chop some cannabis plants down before others are done.


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Should cannabis growers know advanced training techniques?

It helps if marijuana growers are aware of what’s called advanced training techniques. One of these techniques that should be used during the vegetative phase for your cannabis plants is called topping. Topping is where you are taking the top of your plant to create to new nodes, or branches. There is also a training technique that should be used during the flowering phase and it is called super cropping. Super cropping is basically bending your cannabis plants horizontally into trellis netting. It is useful to do this useful for two reasons. One reason is to deal with height issues as you do not want to burn the tops of your marijuana plants. The other good reason is it will provide the light to the inner and bottom nugs of your cannabis.

Is Kush a hard marijuana strain to grow?

Many marijuana connoisseurs are familiar with the term Kush. OG Kush is one of the most popular strains and is synonymous with high grade, high potency weed. Kush is actually a subset of cannabis Indica. It gets its name from the region that it came from which is he Hindu Kush mountains, which is in the Pakistan-Afghanistan region. if you are a beginner marijuana grower, I would get a couple of grows in before you start growing kush strains. This will ensure  you have your grow-op pretty dialed in. The reason that kush strains are some of the hardest cannabis strains to grow because they can be very finicky. If you do not give your kush marijuana plants exactly what they need, they may not yield huge buds for you. Kush strains can be susceptible to powdery mildew which is a plague for cannabis growers that they do not want to see in their garden.

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