Indica vs. Sativa Cannabis Strains

How do Sativas and Indicas feel?

There are two major marijuana strains: cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. Cannabis Indica tends to have a heavy, sedative effect that leaves the weed smoker’s body feeling almost numb and relaxed. This type of high gives the cannabis consumer a sort of glued to the couch, playing Playstation day, kind of feeling. Cannabis Sativa, being the opposite in a sort of way by making the marijuana user feeling energized, motivated, having more of a head high. Both major cannabis strains, indica and sativa, can leave a weed consumer in a pretty good mood.

What are the main differences between Indica and Sativa-dominant cannabis strains?

There are generally five differences in comparing Indica and Sativa cannabis strains. The five factors are size, effect, flavor, flowing time and yield when comparing indicas versus sativas. Each of these cannabis characteristics are highly dependent on the marijuana strain. It can be hybrid which is a mix of both indica and sativa strains into one plant, thus mixing the effects the user feels. Sativa strains will almost always generally grow taller than indica strains. Generally, from a pot growing perspective, Sativa plants can grow anywhere from six feet and up while indica strains tend to stay around three feet. Cannabis Indica plants tends to be bushier whereas Cannabis Sativa plants will stretch towards the light. The effects of both weed species are potent with THC when the cannabis plants are grown in the right conditions with the right marijuana nutrients. I prefer sativa-dominant cannabis strains  because of the head high and energy it gives me during the day when I consume medical cannabis.

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Different cannabis strains can vary within their own major cannabis species: sativas and indicas. Both weed species can give different but wonderful effects. Indicas are a nice quality strain when the user is seeking a night time, calming type of high. These major pot strain categories tend to give off a universal effect however they tends to be heavy, sedative effect. It makes the user feeling numb and relaxed. It is as if someone pulled a plug out of the bottom of your foot draining away all your worries, making a nap a perfect afternoon activity.

What are hybrids?

The flavors of both cannabis strains can create a wonderful mix, known as a Hybrid. Hybrids are a weed species that contain the best of both cannabis species as they are hybridized with both sativa and indica cannabis plants. Sativas can have incredible fruity smells while complementing the effects when exhaling the pot smoke. Indicas can also have fruity exotic smells.

What is Kush?

There are also a category of cannabis plants called Kush. Kush weed is really sought after and pretty popular because they have such wonderful flavors and tastes. Kush is usually pretty strong, laden with THC. Kush cannabis strains are especially popular producing many other cannabis strains that have been combined to make Hybrids. Kush cannabis plants originated from the Kush Hindu mountain region and that is why Kush got its name.


What is the difference between Sativa and Indica when growing marijuana?

When growing weed, it is important to know that Sativa and Indica flowering periods can vary. Sativas can take a long time to finish growing in order to produce buds. These cannabis plants can go on as long as twenty weeks, while Indicas tend to be done between eight and ten weeks. The final stage of flowering, the last two to three weeks, is where pot growers get the bud yield. Generally, when growing weed, Sativas will have a higher yield than Indicas. Buds from Indica cannabis plants will be dense, tight buds. Sativa strains, like sour diesel, will be a tall longer stringy type of pot buds. Both cannabis species are capable of producing a large yield when conditions are ideal. Enjoy smoking your pot all.

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