How to Select the Right Marijuana Concentrates

What are cannabis concentrates?

Concentrates are a stronger and more concentrated form of marijuana. There are many forms of cannabis concentrates on the marijuana market today. They have quickly grown into some of the most popular ways to consume your cannabis. There are different cannabis extraction methods related to marijuana concentrates and there are a few different methods for smoking those marijuana concentrates. It takes a seasoned marijuana user to be able to handle the intense high that comes with smoking cannabis concentrates.

What forms of cannabis concentrates are there?

Cannabis concentrates come in several different forms. Some of the most common marijuana concentrates are shatter, butter, wax, kief, hash, and cannabis extract oil. All these marijuana concentrates are reduced forms of cannabis extract and can be incredibly potent. Each kind of cannabis concentrate has similar but different physical properties.

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What is shatter – cannabis concentrate?

One kind of marijuana concentrate is shatter which is smooth, clear, and solid. It is the most potent form of cannabis extract because it uses a second extraction process that removes fats, lipids and waxes from the cannabis plants. A marijuana user can find such cannabis concentrates, such as shatter, with a very potent level of 80% THC which can floor first time cannabis consumers. The refining process of making marijuana concentrate referred to as shatter will remove of most the terpenes in the cannabis extraction process. Terpenese are responsible for the aromatic compounds in cannabis plants. This will cause the shatter to lose some of its taste when consuming this form of cannabis concentrates.

What is butter – cannabis concentrate

Butter is another form of marijuana concentrates. Butter will retain more terpenes which will have more aroma and taste in that type of cannabis concentrate. Butter tends to have a texture that is similar to a whipped creamy consistency; like warm wax with a golden brown shade color. This cannabis concentrate can have a THC content that can be in the 70% area. Butter is pliable but if touched it can become a caramel-like mess all over your fingers. Freezing marijuana concentrates is sometimes the best way to handle that type of cannabis product.

What is BHO – cannabis concentrate?

Cannabis butane hash oil (BHO) extracted using butane tends to be the least refined out of the most common cannabis concentrates.  Hash oil can look like gooey, sticky liquid that is usually dark in color like molasses. Some other names for this oil can be honey oil or butane hash. Butane hash oil can retain the cannabis plant terpenes and therefore retaining the original marijuana taste of the buds. THC content for this type of cannabis concentrate tends to be the least of the concentrates, usually around thirty percent or less but this can still knock a marijuana user to his or her knees.


What is my favorite cannabis concentrate? CO2 extracted honey oil, of course.

Each marijuana consumption method uses different forms cannabis extracts. Butane, CO2, and alcohol are the most common methods of extracting cannabis and making marijuana concentrates today. CO2 honey oil is really smooth when compared to BHO, butane hash oil. There are different marijuana smoking utensils that are used in the smoking of these different types of cannabis concentrates. Hot plates, nail rigs, and vaporizer pens are common cannabis extract smoking tools. Getting a hit from cannabis extract vaporizer pen is my favorite as I believe it is the cleanest smoke from marijuana concentrate options. One hit from smoking any one of these cannabis concentrates is very enjoyable and fast acting. Enjoy smoking your marijuana concentrates and happy smoking everyone!


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