How to Consume Marijuana

What are the different ways to consume marijuana?

Over the past years, cannabis flowers and other cannabis products has become a very important medicine for medical pot patients seeking relief from an assortment of ailments. There are currently numerous methods for ingesting marijuana. Cannabis can be smoked, vaporized, ingested and absorbed through the skin. Depending on your method for consuming your weed, it is important to know the correct process for cannabis consumption and appropriate dosages. For example, you wouldn’t want to smoke your cannabis edibles and you certainly do not want to over do it with cannabis edibles. This article will inform and hopefully help a weed consumer how to effectively consume their cannabis.


What is the most common way of consuming cannabis?

The most common manner in which pot is used is through smoking marijuana buds or cannabis concentrates. A cannabis consumer can smoke their marijuana through a pipe, bong, bubbler, hookah, blunt or joint. All of these cannabis consumption methods require the pot smoker to apply a flame to the cannabis buds creating smoke that is hot.

How does a bong help pot smokers?

Some weed smokers prefer to use a water-filtration piece like a hookah, bong, bubbler, or water pipe. These items filter the hot smoke through water (up to several times) before it travels into the users lungs. The process reduces the temperature of the smoke by making it less damaging to the body and the user; while still giving the same effect.


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The benefits of vaporizing

Vaporizers have grown in popularity with the popular development of cannabis oils and other related cannabis extracts. Smoking cannabis concentrates can give the marijuana consumer an incredible high. Cannabis vaporizers work by using a heating element to heat the cannabis oils to the point of turning to vapor rather than applying direct flame to the marijuana. This pot smoke produces a less antagonizing blow to the lungs and a higher content of THC when a marijuana smoker is smoking dabs or other cannabis concentrates such as shatter.

Weed smoke can be rough on a cannabis consumer’s lungs and does have its share of carcinogens. For some medical marijuana patients, their ailments require that they ingest their cannabis. A medical weed patient could have complications such as already weak lungs or fraying body and ingestion of cannabis is the preferred method of marijuana consumption. There are also cannabis extract inhalers that contain the cannabis extracts without the smoke. Such inhalers can be found on

Be careful when you ingest cannabis! Watch the dosage

When you ingest pot, it usually is in the form of a cannabis edible. This can include baked goods with marijuana/hash or oils in the baked goods themselves. A medical marijuana patient can come across things like brownies, cookies, chocolates, cakes, and a variety of other decadents such as gummies. However cannabis-infused edibles are great to the taste, one must be careful on dosage or a unsuspecting weed consumer can ingest more than they wanted.

CBD and THC topical and transdermal products

Some medical pot patients have the option of absorbing cannabis through their skin to obtain a therapeutic as well as euphoric effect as the skin absorbs cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. Many skin cancer patients find topical ointments containing cannabis extracts to have a soothing effect on the skin. Skin creams with high CBD are also in high demand for their pain relieving qualities. Here is an example of a great topical cannabis product with high THC transdermal patch. This transdermal cannabis product only contains CBD and no THC for medical marijuana patients that do not want to feel high.

Talk to your local budtender to see what is best for you.

However you decide to consume your marijuana, chances are your cannabis experience is going to be enjoyable. Many marijuana products out there effectively relieve certain symptoms. Talk with the staff at your local cannabis dispensary to see what cannabis products are right for you. Also, do not hesitate to ask the staff at the cannabis clubs what marijuana consumption methods are for you.

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