How to Buy Your Marijuana

There are several ways you acquire your weed. A marijuana consumer can buy by their cannabis in several ways depending on what your local and state medical cannabis or recreational pot laws. It may be as easy as going to your local cannabis dispensary or local marijuana grower. Other ways of acquiring cannabis in a non-medical marijuana state is still unfortunately through a street dealer. Consult your local or state laws regarding medical cannabis or recreational marijuana use.

Where is recreational weed legal in the United States?

As of the start of 2016 there are twenty four states that have legalized weed for medical use under the care of a cannabis doctor. These states are: Washington, Oregon, California, DC, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Montana, Alaska, Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut and Hawaii. There are only four states that have legalized marijuana use for recreational use: Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Alaska.


What should I know as a first time medical marijuana patient?

For a first time medical marijuana patient, going to a cannabis clinic there are several important things to know. First off, you’re a medical pot patient and the staff at most cannabis dispensaries behind the counter are there to help cannabis consumers select the best marijuana products for a patient’s ailments. In recreational pot states, cannabis consumption does not need to be for a medical reason. However, weed consumers will still want to know their indica-dominant marijuana buds from their sativa-dominant marijuana buds. Just by speaking with the employees of the cannabis club, they can explain to you what each marijuana product they sell is most useful for.

How much does weed cost at a cannabis club?

Generally, cannabis clubs sell their weed in certain quantities. For example, one gram of cannabis buds is 1.0 grams will generally cost you around $10-$25 dollars. An eighth of marijuana flowers which is 3.5 grams will generally cost about $35-$65. A quarter ounce of cannabis is 7.0 grams generally runs $80-$120. Half ounce of sticky green is 14 grams goes for $100-$160. A full ounce of marijuana is 28 grams can be upwards of $360 dollars plus. If you are going to a local pot dealer where it is an under the table transaction for cannabis the details may vary depending on your relationship with the weed dealer.

Can medical cannabis be delivered to me?

Another great marijuana-related service that is emerging in the cannabis industry is cannabis delivery services. Some weed delivery dispensaries will come directly to your door if you have a current medical marijuana recommendation, also known as a weed card. They can deliver cannabis products to a medical marijuana patient in as little as one hour in some places in states where medical pot is allowed. Not all states that allow medical marijuana also allow cannabis delivery services.

Another cannabis-related service that is being offered at least in California to medical marijuana patients with a current cannabis card, is an overnight weed delivery service. Some online cannabis dispensaries can deliver pot flowers and other cannabis products to a medical marijuana patient’s door steps. CaliCannabisExpress is a medical weed dispensary in California that offers this overnight service for cannabis products.

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Again, ask for the advice of the cannabis club employees as to what the right marijuana flowers or other cannabis products would be for you. Generally speaking, the cannabis club staff should be knowledgeable in the weed products they sell as well as pointing you in a positive direction. These cannabis deliveries service are a great way for you to order your medical pot in a safe and convenient method. This is a great relief for medical weed patients stuck at home due to their immobilizing medical conditions or for the medical marijuana patients not wanting to travel to get there cannabis. Don’t forget to tip your cannabis delivery person if they deliver your marijuana buds in a timely manner.

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