How to become an Oregon Medical Marijuana Patient

How do I get my cannabis card in Oregon?

In order to apply for your cannabis card in Oregon, you will need to visit a Medical Doctor (MD) or Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) licensed in the State of Oregon to complete the Attending Physician’s Statement (APS). OMMP, Oregon Medical Marijuana Patient program, must receive the APS within 90 days of the date your medical marijuana doctor signed the form in order for it to be valid. Complete the application form for potential medical weed patients. Your OMMP medical marijuana recommendation is going to include a valid state or federally issued photographic ID of the medical cannabis patient. There is also an appropriate state of OR medical cannabis application fee depending on whether you are a pot grower or just a medical weed patient.

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How long does the OMMP application process take?

In order to make sure your medical cannabis card application is completed quickly one must make sure to complete all required portions of the application for your Oregon Medical Marijuana Patient (OMMP) card . It takes approximately 30 days to receive your OMMP card once you mail in your completed cannabis card application. Incomplete cannabis card applications will be sent to those who have missing information to complete and return within 14 days.

What if I want to grow my own cannabis in Oregon?

A medical pot patient may grow cannabis for themselves or designate an individual 18 years or older to act their designated marijuana grower. The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program conducts a criminal background check on all designated growers. If a pot grower has been convicted of felony, check OMMP regulations to see if that person is prohibited from growing marijuana for a medical cannabis patient. If you are growing your own medical weed or are designating another person to grow cannabis for you, then you are required to provide the Oregon Medical Marijuana program with the cannabis grow site address. Proposed marijuana grow sites submitted on the OMMP application must be a physical address located in Oregon. A potential medical cannabis patient must inform the OMMP in 30 days  if you change your mailing address, add or remove a caregiver, change designated weed grower, or change to your marijuana grow site address.

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How much marijuana can I grow in Oregon?

The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program allows for 18 cannabis seedlings with a length to be less than 12″ in height and diameter, with no marijuana flowers or buds. The OMMP rules allow for 6 cannabis plants greater than 12″ in height or diameter with marijuana flowers and buds. The medical weed patient, caregiver, or cannabis grower may possess or transport up to 24oz of usable marijuana. Oregon law related to the possession of medical cannabis specifies that cannabis must not be used in public view or in a public place. A medical weed patient may not be under the influence of medical marijuana while driving. When transporting pot, a medical cannabis patient is required to carry and present your Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) card to the police if requested in relation your medical cannabis. To learn more about the OMMP program check out their website at:

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