How to acquire your medical prescription in California

How to get a weed card in California?

If you live in California and you like to consume your weed like me, you need to acquire a medical marijuana recommendation from a cannabis clinic. Acquiring a medical marijuana prescription to consume cannabis is relatively easy in Cali. You must get a medical weed doctor’s consultation for a marijuana recommendation.

A potential medical pot patient needs to know qualifying health-related factors for getting your medical cannabis card. Qualifying ailments for medical cannabis can be anything from cancer or HIV to lack of appetite to chronic pain. It all depends on state requirements regarding medical weed and ultimately your cannabis doctor who makes the final determination for  a medical cannabis recommendation. Once your decision is decided between you and your cannabis doctor he or she will give you your weed card on the spot. This will be your ticket into acquiring your medical cannabis.

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Do I need to carry my weed card?

Now that you have your medical marijuana recommendation, your doctor will print out a hardcopy of your cannabis card. Every medical pot patient should that cannabis card on themselves when they go to cannabis clubs to buy your marijuana. When medical marijuana patient gets stopped by the police, or questioned about their medical weed use, they will need to present their cannabis card which authorizes possession and cultivation of marijuana at the state level.

Most weed recommendations also have photo identification on there to properly identify the medical marijuana patient. Make sure you bring the proper identification to your medical cannabis doctor’s appointment. Any kind of medical paperwork supporting your qualifying factor for medical pot would certainly help.

How long is a weed card good for in California?

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Generally, a medical marijuana recommendation will last for twelve months (1 year) and then you will need a re-evaluation of your medical condition from a cannabis doctor at that time. Each cannabis doctor can choose how much a recommendation will cost and some pot doctors offer various discounts. Always check with your cannabis doctor before you go in order to have the appropriate funds as most medical marijuana doctors take cash.

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How much does a weed card cost?

Depending on your city, you live it will generally cost $75 to $160 for first time medical weed patients. Cannabis card renewals are generally cheaper, especially if you stay with the same medical weed doctor. There are places with a lot of competition in the cannabis industry like Venice Beach’s Boardwalk. In places where pot is pretty prevalent such as Venice Beach’s Boardwalk, flyers are handed out in order to try to draw you in with very low prices (say $40) to acquire your medical marijuana recommendation. Find a medical cannabis doctor near you if you live in state that allows medical marijuana. After you get your cannabis card, you will soon have access to quality weed and other cannabis-related products such as concentrates.

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