How Marijuana Affects the Body

Is marijuana addictive?

There have been many cannabis-related studies conducted about how cannabis affects the body and whether marijuana in general has any addictive properties. Still to date, not one weed consumer has solely died from an overdose of marijuana. Some people believe that pot can be addicting, especially those that work in drug rehabilitation facilities may make this case. Many recent, cannabis-related studies have proven that marijuana is not physically addictive time and time again.

Although smoking pot is not physically addicting, from a psychological standpoint I can see it. As a daily weed smoker, I find that I am addicted to the idea of smoking pot because of the effect that cannabis has on me. I can not speak for all marijuana consumers but for myself, I have found that I need a steady supply of THC in my blood stream to function day to day. I think when discussing weed, it’s important to understand the difference between physical and psychological addiction before you can say what your status is on your cannabis use and whether you believe that is addictive or not.


What happens to a person when they smoke pot?

Here are some of the physical effects and physiological impacts once a cannabis user consumes marijuana. THC is a cannabinoid found in cannabis. Once a person smokes marijuana, THC is absorbed in your lungs and eventually into your bloodstream. Your heartbeat will increase and this could potentially be a problem for people with heart disease. One should consult a medical marijuana doctor and disclose any pre-existing heart conditions.

Some people consume cannabis, in order to feel the physiological impacts that THC will create; such as a sense of euphoria, or “being high”. This is the result from dopamine which is neurotransmitter that is released due to the cannabinoid THC. THC will also help heighten some senses. Being high on weed can  also alter a cannabis consumer’s perception of time.

What are some side effects when someone consumes marijuana?

To be physically addicted to a drug versus being psychologically addicted should give a person the first clue to understanding marijuana. It is true that you have both effects when ingesting weed. For many users it makes one calmer, more relaxed, and overall generally calm in life. Some people who ingest marijuana have found it to cause adverse effects such as paranoia: often occurrence for first-time cannabis consumers. There have been some marijuana consumers that feel their personality may be a bit altered after they have tried cannabis. Some people have found marijuana makes them a better person because they are not as cranky and agitated. Some marijuana consumers can often be able to do more things better than without using cannabis. I know plenty who have played better in their sport after smoking some marijuana beforehand. Some cannabis consumers find that weed enables them to be more useful, more creative, and cause them to function better throughout the day.


How does cannabis help people?

Some people function well without using cannabis medically. A lot of weed smokers find that marijuana lifts them spiritually, mentally, and physically through the use of cannabis. A pot smoker’s demeanor may be more relaxed and some feel like engaging with people and others do not while they are stoned. Other marijuana consumers have found that it causes them to be less cheerful or upbeat. A lot of artistic people find inspiration in cannabis. Marijuana does not have the physically addictive quality like other drugs such as alcohol, tobacco, and many hard core drugs. As a marijuana smoker, I would rather smoke cannabis daily and be relaxed. It helps me function as a productive member of society when I can have access my medical marijuana.

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