The History of Medical marijuana law in Connecticut

When did Connecticut become a medical marijuana state? 

Connecticut introduced medical marijuana program on June 1, 2012 that protects patients from police prosecution of the possession of cannabis if they hold a valid medical marijuana recommendation. If you are young and can’t wait to get your cannabis card, it may shock you that Connecticut is only of the 24 medical marijuana states that do now allow younger patients. HB 5450 would expand on Connecticut’s medical marijuana program by allowing “dispensaries to provide medical marijuana to hospices and inpatient facilities and would allow nurses to administer marijuana in licensed health care facilities” from HB 5450 is currently awaiting votes at the Senate.

How many marijuana dispensaries are in Connecticut?

The Department of Consumer Protection approved three more cannabis dispensaries in January 12, 2016. This brings the total number of marijuana dispensaries to nine.


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What are some qualifying factors to become a medical marijuana patient in Connecticut?

In February 2016, State Department of Consumer Protection Commissioner added six new qualifying conditions for being a medical marijuana patient: “Sickle cell disease, post laminectomy syndrome with chronic radiculopathy, severe psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, ulcerative colitis, complex regional pain syndrome” This happened after the the Board of Physicians weighed in with their recommendation so thank those guys.  “The committee rejected the addition of Fabry disease, a rare genetic disorder that causes severe pain and kidney failure”. Unfortunately for many people in pain, Connecticut does not allow chronic pain as a qualifying factor so this steers patients towards dangerous opioid-type medication which are way more dangerous than marijuana.

What HB 5236 and why is it important for marijuana reform?

On February 11, a group of Connecticut state representatives introduced HB 5236, legislation that would legalize the sale and use of marijuana for adults. While it is unlikely HB 5236 will pass during this year’s short session, garnering co-sponsors and holding a hearing this year will help build the foundation for passage down the road.

HB 5236 was introduced to the state legislature to legalize recreational marijuana on February 11, 2016. If HB 5236 passes, Connecticut ” Connecticut would be the first state to legalize recreational marijuana through the state legislature rather than the ballot initiative process” from


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How much marijuana can I carry around in Connecticut without getting thrown in jail?

Since2011, Connecticut has made possession of less than half an ounce of marijuana a non-jailable offense. Another good thing for citizens is if you are arrested with marijuana possession, you will not get a criminal record which can hurt someone when they are looking for employment. For young adults under 21, getting caught with marijuana possession might result in a 60-day suspension of their driver’s license.

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