Hemp Farming

How is hemp different from cannabis?

Hemp has similar properties when compared to cannabis cultivation. Hemp is also know as cannabis ruseralis in science terms. Hemp farming has become a huge new evolving market today in the United States. Hemp and weed both come from the cannabis species. Hemp holds virtually no THC content, this is the active ingredient in marijuana that gets you high. both, hemp (cannabis ruderalis) and marijuana (which could be either cannabis sativa or cannabis indica) has been grown around the world for thousands of years.


What can hemp be used for?

Hemp cultivation is well known and has many beneficial uses in today’s society for manufacturer that use hemp as a raw material. Cannabis ruderalis can be used for food (salad dressings, supplements, etc.), industrial lubrication, bio-diesel fuel, paints, varnishes, paper, clothing, and more. Hemp generally grows about 15-20 feet tall. Hemp is basically the sister plant to marijuana, but does not get you stoned because it is devoid of THC. It is a distinct variety of plant being cannabis ruderalis. Hemp usually holds extremely low THC content and hemp’s CBD content has shown potential in the medical industry since its discovery. In 2002, the annual hemp sales in the world were over 250 million and of that 150 million was to the US alone. Over 600,000 acres of hemp are grown worldwide today. At the moment it in the US industrial hemp has undergone recent legislation, which is know as the Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2015, that allows cannabis ruderalis cultivation in a few states. Before this hemp bill, the US was the only industrial nation where hemp was illegal. This is ironic being that the US is the biggest consumer of hemp.

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9 Interesting Facts about Hemp

Here are also some interesting facts about hemp that date back thousands of years:

  • Cannabis ruderalis has been grown for at least the last 12,000 years for fiber, textiles, paper, and food.
  • Hemp has been effectively prohibited in the United States since the 1950s until recently.
  • William Hearst, a paper tycoon and a hemp competitor, was key in the prohibition of marijuana and hemp.
  • George Washington and Thomas Jefferson both grew hemp.
  • Ben Franklin owned a mill that made hemp paper. Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence on hemp paper.
  • When US sources of “Manila hemp” (not true hemp) were cut off by the Japanese in WWII, the US Army and US Department of Agriculture promoted the “Hemp for Victory” campaign to grow hemp in the US.
  • Hemp had significant manufacturing significance because of its importance for sailing the rope for ships were made from hemp, a required crop in the American colonies.
  • The word canvass is rooted in the word cannabis.
  • Hemp much like its sister, marijuana, has been has shown to be an incredibly useful plant with many applications.

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