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How Find a Marijuana Doctor? Medical marijuana states are there?

More and more states within the US are now allowing Medical cannabis directory patients access to their cannabis. As of May 2016, there are 24 medical marijuana states. A few states that have allowed medical cannabis (Washington, Colorado, and Oregon) have even allowed recreational pot. This article highlights the importance of the pot legalization and the overall process that medical marijuana patient can expect to get their “weed card”. Medical cannabis doctors will interview potential medical cannabis patients.


What is the first step to getting my weed card?

If you are investigating the legal process of how to get the permission using or cultivating medical weed as a medicinal alternate drug. The primary step to getting verified as a medical cannabis patient is to consult the state licensed doctors for a cannabis card. After the consultation from the doctor, some simple steps lead you to get your medical cannabis recommendation. Medical cannabis doctors are authorized by each respective state that allows medical marijuana to approve the medical cannabis recommendations which are also referred to as “weed cards”. These “weed cards” are issued under the authority of doctors and are found to have medicinal qualities for medical pot patients.

What is the process to get my medical marijuana recommendation?

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The steps to get the medical cannabis directory cards are comprised of very simple processes. All you need to do is find a medical marijuana doctors and apply for a consultation for a weed card. During the medical marijuana patient consultation, you might be asked to show appropriate medical records to show your condition that you could use cannabis for your symptoms or conditions. You will asked to pay for your medical marijuana recommendation and usually that payment is made in cash. On the spot, you will receive the approval from state and your medical cannabis card will be issued.

However, as a potential medical pot patient, it is important to know that you need to fall under potentially strict medical conditions to get your medical cannabis card. These medical conditions can vary from state to state that allows access to medical marijuana. Find out which conditions are approved for medical cannabis treatment in order to be approved as a medical pot patient. Federally, medical cannabis is still illegal under federal law but under state law, recreational medical marijuana is allowed in Washington, Colorado, and most recently, Oregon as of July 2015.

A medical marijuana doctors analyzes and recommends the patient to use cannabis for a variety of health conditions. A few examples of such medical conditions can be chronic pain of some kind, different types of cancers, post-traumatic stress, chronic pain experiences, HIVs and hypertension. Apart from these, Alzheimer, Hepatitis C and seizures are also considered symptoms to get your weed recommendation. The final decision in getting your medical cannabis recommendation rests ultimately with your medical cannabis doctors and this may vary from weed doctor to weed doctor. Additionally, each medical cannabis state has their own pot-related restrictions on the amount of weed that you can possess or cultivate.


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