Final stage of growing – How to on Harvesting and Curing Cannabis

Harvesting your cannabis does not mean that it is now ready for use. You need to first ensure that you dry it out properly, cure it gently, and then store it in an efficient way.

The whole process starts with identifying the ideal time for harvesting your weed buds. Harvesting at the right time is essential to ensure that your product has the right level of THC. The process should not be delayed as well, because THC turns to other, more dangerous compounds if the buds are not harvested.

There are several advantages that you gain when you dry and cure your cannabis buds at the right time. Proper curing of marijuana ensures that the psychoactive effects of the drug remain under control and do not cause symptoms, such as anxiety. It also means that your product has a personal character, and does not smell like freshly cut grass.

The ideal drying and curing also ensures that product pot buds have concentrated potency of the good psychoactive compounds that produce the pleasurable experience of marijuana. The texture of the weed buds also improves, and the product becomes much easier to handle.

Trichomes are quite important, when analyzing the right time for harvesting cannabis. They are small structures, usually present on a flower, which actually contain the chemicals that produce the high. They start as clear spots and gradually turn to a milky color. They indicate the right time for harvesting, once they start to turn reddish brown.

Flushing is an important activity at this final phase, and good growers use fresh water to ensure that additional nutrients are removed from the growing medium at this stage. Neutral water should be ideally used to perform the final flushing for the weed plants.

The process of drying marijuana buds is extremely important, and the final quality of your weed depends on performing it in an ideal manner. Wrong drying can mean that the whole marijuana crop can get destroyed.

Drying is essential for producing the particular characteristics of your cannabis strain. There are three practices that ensure that your weed is properly dried.

The first step is to perform drying slowly. This improves flavor and ensures that the final marijuana is completely dry.

The second element is the right ventilation. It is essential to have a uniform product and ensure that molds or fungus cannot damage the weed crop.

The third element is to slowly cure the product by placing it in jars at the right humidity levels. This improves the balance of chemicals in your cannabis product.

The drying area for producing your marijuana should always be in the dark and have excellent air flow. You may install a fan to speed up ventilation. The right temperature for drying and curing lies around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, which is near the room temperature. Drying the weed through heating is not a good way to create the ideal marijuana product.

Finalized buds should be stored in humidity bags and then used according to the need.

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