Final stage of growing – How to Harvest, Dry, and Store your Cannabis

How important is it to properly dry / cure your marijuana buds?

Harvesting your cannabis does not mean that it is now ready for use right away. You are now in the crucial stage of drying and curing your marijuana buds to bring out the most in its potency and aroma / taste. Curing your weed will convert a lot of THCA into THC which is a good thing. You can also ruin all of your cannabis if you do not do this properly and get attacked by mold or some other problem. Marijuana growers need to first ensure that they dry out cannabis plants properly while curing it gently. There is also the right way of storing marijuana buds so they do not deteriorate as fast.

How can you look at trichromes to see if your cannabis is ready to harvest?

The whole process of harvesting your weed starts with looking at the trichromes of your marijuana buds. Trichromes are rich with THC and look like clear to milky white pinheads crystals emerging from your marijuana buds. Some cannabis growers use a magnifying tool to look at the trichromes on their marijuana buds.



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How can you the pistil method to harvest your marijuana at the right time?

You can also look at the hairs, or pistils, on the cannabis buds that start out as white hairs when you buds first start forming. As the cannabis buds mature the white hairs will starting turning red hairs. The prime time to cut your weed plants down is if 60 – 75% of the white hairs on your marijuana buds. This is the point where your cannabis will have the highest levels of THC. If you wait past this point, some of the THC will convert into CBN.

What happens if you harvest your weed too soon or too late?

Harvesting at the right time is essential to ensure that your cannabis has the right level of THC. Cutting your marijuana plants to early will leave you with premature (“preemie”) cannabis buds. If you cut your weed too soon, your yield will be negatively impacted. Waiting too long to harvest your weed will create a lot CBN cannabinoids in your marijuana. This will make your weed have more sedative effects. There is always a risk of bud rot as well the longer you wait to harvest your cannabis.

Why is flushing your weed important and why cannabis growers should care about it?

During the last 10 to 7 days before harvest marijuana growers need to flush clear water when watering their cannabis plants. Flushing is an important process at this final phase before you harvest your cannabis. Weed growers should use fresh water that has no nutrients to ensure that nutrients in your cannabis plants are flushed out. The water cannabis growers should use should be RO-filtered and pure of any minerals or nutrients. The water should also have a pH of around 6.0. Some marijuana growers will use flushing products like Clearex or Final Phase. These products contain sugars and helps leach nutrients out of your marijuana plants when you are flushing. It is super important to flush your cannabis before you chop it down;  otherwise you will ruin the taste of your weed and it will taste harsh.

A potential consequence of using heaters to dry your marijuana…

The process of drying marijuana buds is extremely important and will influence the final taste and aroma  of your cannabis. You should not rush the drying process when you hang your cut marijuana plants upside down. Drying your weed incorrectly can result in your weed tasting and smelling like grass. Rushing the drying process with heaters can crispify your marijuana and it may not cure as well as it could have.

What are necessary conditions for the space used to dry your cannabis?

The drying area you will use to hang your marijuana plants upside down be in the dark and free of moisture. Cannabis will continue to grow even if it cut when there is the presence of light. This will make your marijuana buds less dense no cannabis grower wants that.


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What is the right temperature to dry your weed?

The right temperature for drying and curing is pretty room temperature. I personally have used heaters to rush this process when I needed to. Nevertheless, I do not recommend using heaters to rush the process of curing and drying your cannabis.  Leaving heaters or dehumidifiers on too long will make your cannabis brittle and crispy.

Why it’s good idea to use oscillating fans when drying your marijuana?

We recommend drying your cannabis with oscillating fans so you have good airflow. This will not only help air-dry your marijuana but will help prevent any kind of rot or mold during the drying process. Oscillating fans will move air around and help slowly remove moisture from your weed while it is hanging upside down on hangers. Use oscillating fans for about 3 days and then you can start using it to humidifier.

What is the optimal humidity recommended for  storing your marijuana long-term?

Once you have dried and cured your cannabis,  it is important to know how to properly store your weed. We recommend using airtight container or jars  to store your marijuana long term.  Cannabis buds should be stored in an airtight container that has a relative humidity (RH) of 62%.  In order to achieve the required RH of 62%,  marijuana connoisseurs can  use humidity packs that are also used to store cigars.

In summary, flushing, drying / curing, and storing your marijuana buds are essential processes that every cannabis grower should know. Drying and curing your weed properly will bring out the terpenes and flavonoids found in the cannabis strain you grew. The drying process should not be rushed with heaters if you can help it. It is advisable to use oscillating fans at the start and finish with dehumidifiers. Curing your weed properly  improves the aroma, flavor, and THC levels of your final marijuana buds. The drying space for your drying your cannabis should be dark and free of moisture. Good airflow in your drying area will prevent any kind of mold or fungus no can ruin your day and ruin your marijuana.  Store your weed in an airtight jar using humidity packs that will store your marijuana buds at a relative humidity of 62%.

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