Employment in the Marijuana Industry

How many Americans have tried marijuana?

A good majority of Americans have been exposed to cannabis at some point in the fact that 52% of Americans over the age of 18 have tried marijuana. Most people in America are are for legalizing cannabis for medical use but not as much for legalizing recreational marijuana. Cannabis is becoming so mainstream that other folks such as celebrities like Snoop Dog that are also looking to score big in the marijuana industry. With the fast rising popularity of weed in the American, there has been sort of a job boom in the cannabis industry where it is legal in the United States. As of 2017, the United States has legalized marijuana for medical use in over half of the states. In the same year, there were seven states that have voted to legalize cannabis for recreational use.



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How are state laws legalizing cannabis changing the labor market?

The state laws regulating the marijuana industry are moving towards legalization (at least on a state legislation level) so  many people are looking to capitalize in this new cannabis industry. The cannabis industry employs many people in various jobs from medical marijuana doctors, cannabis dispensaries, lawyers specializing in marijuana law, and hydroponic shops that supply growing supplies to cannabis farmers. Lawyers that are familiar with ever constant changing legislation related to cannabis are an important part of the marijuana industry because they are who you go to for legal protection and make sure that people are not crossing any state or county legal lines.

What are bud tenders and how can they help you when visiting a marijuana dispensary?

A new occupation that came with our new upcoming American cannabis industry and that is a budtender which is much like a bartender except that are your consultant in a cannabis dispensary. Aside from explaining the various cannabis strains and what effects they may have, budtenders are also useful for explaining other cannabis products such as edibles or types of cannabis concentrates. There are also cannabis delivery services available where drivers in the marijuana industry transport products to sick patients and those looking for convenience. There are a quite a few new types of employment opportunities in what we consider an huge, upcoming marijuana market.

Is California going to be the weed capital of the world?

The employment opportunities can vary from state to state because state regulations for cannabis varies from state to state so it is important to be familiarized with your respective state’s rules. In some states such as California which is forecasted to be cannabis capital of America. This is due to the passing of Prop 64, there will be quite a bit more work found in both the medical marijuana and the now legal recreational cannabis industry. This will create a huge demand for marijuana in general so growing cannabis in California will become a bigger cash crop than it already is. Growing marijuana can be a great option for people with the knowledge and understanding of how to properly grow and process cannabis into products that marijuana dispensaries will retail.

The whole industry of processing marijuana is changing into new and cleaner methods such as rosin and CO2 honey cannabis oil. Processing marijuana can be a separate cannabis-related license in some states and is a great way for people looking into to get into the recreational marijuana market. You have to extremely careful and knowledgeable to deal with high pressure solvents and cannabis extraction equipment. It is certainly an investment in that it takes know how and money to invest in equipment needed for marijuana extraction business. It might not be as much money as needed to start a large scale cannabis grow operation or your own marijuana storefront dispensary.


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What other kinds of jobs are there in the cannabis industry?

Another occupation that has always been needed in the cannabis industry are the people who process the good old fashioned hand manicure and they are known bud trimmers. There are also folks that work in hydroponic shops who sell the cultivation products that cannabis growers need to properly grow their own marijuana such as equipment, tools, nutrients, soils and other growing supplies. There are even cannabis consultants that can assist in helping people get their own setup to grow marijuana.

Last piece of advice for anyone wanting to get into the marijuana market…

The cannabis industry is a fast and growing market. The win for marijuana legalization with California poised to be the weed capital of the world! There are several different opportunities for people looking to get into the marijuana industry. Whether you are a newbie or a marijuana expert, the weed market in America is about to blow up and it is a great industry to legitimize cannabis and comes with a bunch of new employment opportunities. Big piece of advice is don’t be a slime bag as I have encountered my share in the cannabis industry! Treat this business as any other honest business!

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