Differences between Recreational and Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

What is Medical Marijuana?

There is a vast history of people using medical marijuana in the USA and around the world. Medically it has many research studies and testimonies of the 1,000’s of different medicinal benefits. Many people have used it there whole adult life, even with the penalty that it is illegal in the USA federally. Marijuana works great in the treatment and management of numerous illnesses and conditions.


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What is Recreational Marijuana?

Just as people have used marijuana medicinally, people have been using recreational marijuana just as long. Colorado and Washington legalized recreational marijuana to adults in 2012. Other states like Alaska, California, Oregon, Nevada, Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine, and Washington D.C. followed in the years after.

The politics, prohibition, and prosecution of marijuana have changed over time. Evidence has supported the legalization of medical marijuana. In 2018, 31 states, Guam, Puerto Rico, and Washington, D.C have some type of medical marijuana or CBD law.

Since many states have some type of laws permitting medical or recreational marijuana, it seems like people are overall supporting its use. Each year that passes there’s more states working towards legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana. Each state has their own laws in which no two states are the same. Some states only offer medical marijuana, some offer both medical and recreational, and others have strict laws prohibiting it along with CBD.

recreational marijuana dispensaries

At recreational marijuana dispensaries you will need to bring a valid ID. Most dispensaries do not allow passports. It is up to individual state and dispensary regulations. You will only be allowed a certain amount of weed, per day. The dispensary will let you know the state laws if you have not done your research beforehand.

At a medical marijuana dispensary you will need a valid ID and a valid recommendation from a physician. In order to obtain medical marijuana you would need to have your recommendation before entering the dispensary. Most recommendations are valid for 1 year but can vary by state and doctor. Some states like Oregon require medical marijuana patients to register with the state where as California you do not have to. This process can take up to a month or longer at times, so be sure to plan ahead.

What are the differences in medical verses recreational?

Some people have suggested that medical marijuana contains a higher ratio of CBD than recreational. Reality, it comes down to the individual dispensary you are dealing with. Many users, who do not want to feel high, seek out CBD only products. It’s important to verify with the doctor on the right dosage for someone who is new to the product or if administered to a child medically.

Recreational marijuana shops are not allowed to give medical advice. So the questions they can answer will be limited. They should be able to give you the basic of descriptions of their products in order to select what is right for you. Medical marijuana shops tend to have a little bit more freedom on what they can suggest.

Some dispensaries are licensed in both recreational and medical marijuana. That means that if you have a medical card you could enter a recreational dispensary that serves as both. Some are recreational only and others are strictly medical marijuana shops. Delivery services are available in some states.

Overall medical marijuana is highly favored by people in America verses recreational. With it being illegal on a federal level with the DEA and FDA. Medical marijuana gives a sense of better regulation since it strictly must be recommended by a licensed physician. Some states even have registries in order to do background checks on their participants like Oregon.

Where can I buy Marijuana?

You can only buy medical or recreational marijuana from a licensed dealer. So you cannot buy from anybody on the streets or that is not licensed by the state. There are also online marketplaces that mark CBD products as hemp to illegally ship them. This is illegal and can land you in trouble with both state and federal regulations if it crosses state lines. Do not take your medicine out of the state you got it from. No states allow for marijuana to be transported to another state. Essentially there are no differences in the plant that grow recreational and medical marijuana. The differences are how it is grown, processed, and sold.

The differences between recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries are not that much different other than the requirements to get in the door. Most offer about the same selections in flower, edibles, concentrates, and other products. The price can be pricier at recreational because taxes are generally much higher than medical marijuana. The age limit, amount you can possess, and the recommendation are the biggest difference between recreational and medical marijuana.

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