Design A Grow Room For Your Marijuana

Ever wonder how to build a grown room?

When building a marijuana grow room for the first time many growers, even ones with a lot of experience and know-how, can make critical mistakes when it comes to rushing into building a pot grow operation. One of the first considerations you have to make is how large is your pot grow space? A closet, a bedroom, a warehouse, is how you are going to set up your space for growing weed.


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Things to consider when designing a grown room?

Here are some of the steps to think about when setting up a weed grow room and in order:

1. Viable cannabis seeds (preferably feminized) or marijuana clones.

2. Medium to grow your pot plants in (hydroponics or soil-based)

3. Ventilation for your cannabis plants

4. Lights (CFLs or HPS bulbs)

5. Thermometer/Hydrometer/Ph testers

6. Nutrients geared for cannabis plants

7. Odor Control/Charcoal Filters

8. Irrigation System for your pot plants

How much space do I have to grow my marijuana?

A good place to start are the tops and bottoms of your pot grow room space dimensions. Cooling, airflow, and humidity are a critical part to a successful cannabis grow room. For beginners, you will need to plot out where in your weed growing room components of your pot growing system will go. Usually, the center of the room will hold the trays for your marijuana plants. It is important to plot out where your intake and outflow of air will be for your cannabis grow space. For your weed grow op, you need to determine where you will put your irrigation tank. At least, figure out where light and water for your cannabis plants will be staged in your pot grow room.

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Do grow rooms get hot because of the lights?

Your light set up is critical when it comes to venting heat out of your weed grow room. Basically, every pot grow room should have a basic set up of an intake vent to bring in cold air while having an exhaust vent near the lights at the top of the room to expel hot air from the lamps and electrical devices. Cannabis does not like too much heat (photosynthesis stops at 90 degrees F). You can also use oscillating fans or air conditioners to circulate air so you do not overhear your pot plants. If you plan on a larger cannabis grow room, you may want to look into a dedicated light cooling vent that will take the direct heat off the lighting system and vent it out so it does not disturb the temperature within your weed  grow room and your cannabis plants.

What is a better cannabis growing medium? Hydro or Soil?

Once you make your choices on your weed grow set up and have your lay out mapped out, its time to get started. The venting is ready to be installed. Next you will have to make the choice between hydroponic or non-hydroponic system for your cannabis plants. Each cannabis irrigation system comes with its own benefits. For a person trying to grow marijuana for the first time, one could ask you local nutrient store for a turnkey hydroponic set up meaning you will have less chance for a fatal flaw during your learning years as a new weed grower. Soil is also an optimal option for first time cannabis cultivators. These are some of the most basic steps to think about when setting up a basic cannabis grow room.

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