Marijuana Clones

Clones are exact copies of other plants. The development of clones makes the grower’s job easier as feeding and lighting needs are simply duplicates of the mother plant and proper growth and development properties may be followed eliminating the need for experimentation. If this is the first crop of a particular grower, clones may be purchased where marijuana is legally sold. The use of clones in the maturing process decreases the growing time needed before harvest. Growth from a clone is a very delicate process during the first month. Use of clones makes it easy to choose the strain and gender of the plant. Cannabis clones normally do not have roots when purchased and should be sprayed with nutrient rich water until roots are present.

Growing a clone from an existing plant is a difficult task. Clones are more prone to develop fungus or infestation by insects. If the mother plant has these irregularities, they may be passed on to the clone. Clones normally develop “transplant shock” and need a special mixture of light and chemicals to grow into a mature plant. Clones are also difficult to find. The need for clones from an existing mother plant may lead a potential grower to online purchase opportunities. This is not a recommended point of purchase as the grower has no knowledge of the type or health of the clone. Online bought clones are normally not as healthy as promised in the website. If there are advantages to using clones, one is that the plant has already gone through the germination and seeding stages creating the potential for earlier harvest.

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