Marijuana Clones

What is a marijuana clone?

A clone is basically a genetic copy of another marijuana plant. That marijuana plant is called a mother and the clone will have her mother’s genetics which give that particular cannabis strain its characteristics. The way you make a cannabis clone is you take a cutting, dip in cloning gel, and stick in your clone tray after you put the cutting in a root plug. A cutting should look like a healthy, small branch with at least 4 nodes taken from a mother marijuana plant. If the cutting successfully roots you’ve have yourself an exact copy of that mother cannabis plant and it’s corresponding phenotype.

Is it hard to learn how to clone marijuana plants?

Being able to successfully clone your marijuana plants is the next step of skill for a cannabis grower. Experienced marijuana growers have a mothering room and know how to get ready to take cuttings 2 or 3 weeks prior chopping for the next grow. Experienced marijuana growers will keep mother plants on hand that are always in veg state specifically for the sole purpose of having marijuana clones easily accessible. A big benefit that a cannabis grower has when they start with cuttings or clones is that they know what they are getting. This is especially true if the grower did the cannabis clones themselves and know what condition that corresponding mother plant is in. Follow some of these growing tips when you are ready to do your own cannabis clones and it should really help you out.

The list of tools that  a cannabis grower will need for making their own clones is not very extensive.Here is a very basic  list of supplies that can get anyone on the right track to making their own marijuana clones:

  • A mother marijuana plant with healthy genetics
  • Clone tray
  • Root plugs & bucket to soak them in
  • A toothpick for poking holes in root plugs
  • Cloning gel
  • Sharp scissors (will need to be able to scrape a little plant skin away)
  • Distilled water (room temp and ph of 7.0)
  • Cups (one small for cloning gel and large cups to hold your cuts)
  • A misting spray bottle for watering
  • Heating pad is optional and not really necessary if your room is warm to room temp


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What is the initial set to start taking clones from your cannabis plants?

First off you want to start off by sanitizing your work area and the tools you will be using to take cuttings from your cannabis plants. You can sanitize either using 99% isopropyl alcohol or fire to kill any bacteria especially on your scissors you will be using to cut the cuttings from your mother  cannabis plants.  it is advisable to get everything sanitized and set up before you even take your first cut from your marijuana plants. If you are not sanitary when you are doing your cuttings, this will cut down on the success rate that your marijuana cuttings will actually root. It is good to have a clean cannabis garden but It is especially important to be clean in this stage of growing weed.

What kind of water should I use for my marijuana clones?

Next, you will want to get a bucket and put the distilled water with the pH of 7.0 into the bucket. It is helpful to have a probe reader or litmus paper for testing pH. You will then want to dump your pack of root plugs into the bucket and make sure that they soak up a lot of that distilled water before you start sticking your cuttings into the plugs. It is crucial that your water is at room temperature and at a pH of 7.0 because it ensures that your cannabis cuttings will not go into any sort of shock. Giving your marijuana cuttings an ideal environment in terms of light, water, temperature, and humidity will help your success rate of rooting tremendously.

Take a small cup and put your cloning gel in it. You will be dipping your cuttings into this gel. This will be where are you take the cutting you took from your mothers and dip the cut end in the cloning gel until they are completely coated. Cloning gel basically has hormones in it that signals the plant to start rooting at your diagonal cut which we will explain later on. This is the point where you have axioms in your diagonal cut at a node with some of the plants skin scraped off. This will be the point where your cannabis cuttings will actually start to form its initial root system in your clone tray before you transplant.

Now you are ready to take your cuttings from your mother’s.  It is advisable that you stick to one cannabis strain ata  time. Properly label all of your cuttings as this will decrease headaches trying to figure out what cannabis strain is what. Even as an experienced marijuana grower, I have screwed up on my labeling and ended up having to figure out what strains were when they reached maturity.

How to select the branches from your cannabis mother to use for clones?

Now it is time to select the branches that you will be using to make your cannabis cuttings, or clones. First, make sure you have selected a healthy mother cannabis plant that is free of disease and pests. The mother plant should have been in veg phase for at least a couple of months and should be getting topped so you have a lot of branches to work with. Topping is an advanced marijuana growing technique used in veg phase where you pinch off the top node to create two new notes for growth which means you end up with more branches on your cannabis mothers.

If your marijuana strain from your mother sucks, then your whole harvest will most likely not be that great. If your cuttings are suffering from powdery mildew or mites, then you will be battling those issues during your entire marijuana grow. Look for branches that are not too skinny and have about three or four nodes of growth. Cut your potential cannabis clone after the 4th node.


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How to prepare your marijuana cutting to be dipped in cloning gel?

Now you have your cannabis cutting in your hand, leave the top two nodes of growth but you will be trimming the sun leaves. Cut the third node of growth off with your scissors and peel some plant skin around the 4th node. You will want to take your scissors and make a diagonal cut at 4th node .Scrape a little skin from your cutting around this area to promote root growth. Trim off a little of the sun leaves at the 1st and 2nd nodes on your marijuana cuttings as this will promote root growth and make them less crowded in the clone tray.

Now you are ready to dip your marijuana cutting into the cloning gel. Make sure that quite a bit of cloning gel gets applied on your cutting around 4th node area. Take a root plug from the bucket and squeeze a little bit of excess water out of it. Take the toothpick and poke a hole about half an inch deep anywhere on the top of the root plug. After you poke your hole in your root plug, stick your cutting that is now covered in cloning gel into the hole you made in your  root plug. You want the cutting to fit snug and not loose in those root plugs. The cannabis cutting should be snug, halfway into the root plug. You have just done your first cutting so you can put that cutting into the first slot of your clone tray. it is recommended to take some tape you can write on with a sharpie to label your cannabis strains as you are doing your cuttings.

What is the ideal environment for the marijuana clones?

Your lighting should just be using CFL (compact fluorescent) lighting and they should be on 24 hours a day. The temperature for the room where you have your lighting and your clone tray should be around 73 F – 78 F which is a little warmer than room temperature. Cannabis clones really like high humidity (75% – 90%). Your clone trays should have vents. The vents should be a little open the first few days to keep in moisture but also allow your cuttings to breathe.

How to water your cannabis clones?

You want to water your marijuana clones at least once or twice a day. Never let your clones dry out. You should be using nothing but distilled water with a pH of 7.0 and the water should be room temperature. Take your clone tray top off and mist your little cannabis girls but do not water too much either as this will start rotting your cuttings.

How long does it take for your cannabis clones to start rooting?

It will typically take 2 weeks for most of your marijuana clones to start showing signs of roots. You want to see nice white healthy roots. If the roots on your cannabis clones start turning brown, then you need to transplant into soil soon. A marijuana grower could check the bottoms of the clone tray after about 10 days to see how the roots are forming.

Happy cannabis farming and we hope your marijuana clones  have a 100% success rate with nice, robust healthy roots for your next grow!

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