CBD in Treating Children with Seizures

How can CBD be used to treat children with seizures?

CBD and its role in treating children with seizures is a very new and upcoming topic regarding cannabis marijuana treatment. Every parent’s biggest fear is finding out that your child has some kind medical ailment. When our 2 year old daughter was diagnosed with Autism, the first thing I did was research as much as possible. I came across several studies and media articles about CBD and its role in treating severe childhood illnesses. Medical cannabis can be crucially helpful in managing chronic symptoms. CBD’s treats forms are those with severe seizures including Epilepsy, Aicardi, and Dravet Syndrome just to name a few. Being a medical marijuana patent I found myself in the midst of this topic.

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How is CBD different from THC?

CBD has many beneficial medical factors. It doesn’t cause a user to get high like its sister cannabinoid, THC, from the cannabis plant. CBD can be extracted from hemp plant but is recommended that grower’s use cannabis strains that yield a high CBD and low THC. Let’s understand CBD doesn’t make the user feel high.. If extracted from a high CBD cannabis plants there will be THC traces in the extracted oil, which will not cause a euphoric effect. Roto-vaporization refines the THC to a high CBD to THC ratio. Most of the research studies, especially those with young children use high CBD .

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How can CBD help children with disorders?

There are many stories of children who have benefited from CBD. I would like to share the story of one 14 month old girl who was born with a rare seizure disorder called Aicardi Syndrome. Due to the seriousness of condition, she had a partial hemispherectomy, which removed her right side of the brain. The surgery didn’t stop the daily seizures that continued creating more damage to her brain. An Oregon-based cannabis company is offering a drug trial that specializes in cannabinoid research and development of cannabis-based medicines. The hope is for some form of improvement in her condition. These patients never smoke any marijuana but rather use an oral liquid infused based with coconut oil.

The most important thing to remember is that these desperate parents have often tried extensive amounts of medical treatments before turning to CBD.

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