What caused Sanjay Gupta to change his opinion on marijuana?

Some believe that Sanjay Gupta has changed his mind on medical marijuana over the last century. Cannabis has been the subject of lengthy discussions for those that critique it. Marijuana is a federally scheduled 1 substance which is banned and enforceable by the Drug Enforcement Agency. But over the years since medical and recreational marijuana has prevailed on a state level, the DEA has become more relaxed on their enforcement of the drug.

Marijuana is legal in approximately half of the states in the USA. For the other half of the states, it is still illegal on a state and federal level. Many people have found themselves moving states in order to partake in medical and recreational marijuana. The medicinal benefits of marijuana have proven effective on many different medical conditions, ailments, and symptoms. There are hundreds of different uses for marijuana.

Many news media’s are automatically biased on how they feel about medical and recreational marijuana. One of the most famous medical reporters of all time has opened up about his opinion on marijuana. This has caused uproar in the medical community.

CNN Medical Correspondent, Sanjay Gupta has recently spoken out about marijuana. In 2009 he aggressively spoke out against marijuana stating that individuals should steer clear of it. With recent scientific data provided by many reputable institutions showing the medicinal benefits of cannabis, his opinion changed. There has also been a few in person counters that have changed his mind including a patients with seizures, Epilepsy, and Alzheimer’s to name a few.

Through the use of medical marijuana many patients have been able to significantly improve their lives. For some of the patients that Sanjay Gupta met, he reported on his findings via his CNN medical correspondence. He talked about one women’s seizure disorder that included over 300 a week since she was born. Her life has severely improved with the use of medical marijuana. He also reported on those with advanced acute conditions like Alzheimer’s and epilepsy after he witnessed firsthand just what marijuana could do. Through his research and in person encounters Sanjay has openly supported the medical marijuana community.

Marijuana has so many medicinal benefits for users that even the best doctors recognize the medicinal benefits. For those suffering from acute and chronic conditions cannabis is a great option and has proven to be a miracle drug for many. Whether you do your own research or take it from Sanjay Gupta, marijuana has a place in medicine.

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