Cannabis Distillate

Cannabis Distillate – a new form of cannabis concentrate that is the most potent and pure of anything found on the market

 What is Cannabis Distillate?

Cannabis distillate is sort of a new kind of cannabis concentrate and can be nicknamed as “The Pure” or “The Clear”. It is a marijuana extract that is tasteless and odorless which uses an extraction process called short-path distillation. The potency is one of the highest you will find as far concentrates for weed ranging as high as 99% THC content. Keep in mind an average strength marijuana bud is about 15-25% THC content.


A drop of this very potent cannabis concentrate can look like a tiny golden drop of suck that is semi translucent. this tiny drop of marijuana extract is the future of cannabis concentrates but it does not come cheap as it is worth more in weight and gold.  There are also many applications for cannabis distillate other than vaporization or dabbing. Dabbing is a form of consuming smoke from marijuana concentrates.  other applications for cannabis distillate could be oral sublingual or transdermal applications and could also be used in a number of medicinal applications.

What are the different methods for making marijuana concentrates?

There are three main categories of extraction for making concentrates from cannabis. These three extraction categories are: 1) pressure / rinsing, 2) solvent extraction, 3) short-path distillation.

 Cannabis concentrates using pressing or rinsing techniques

Using pressure or rinsing techniques are some of the oldest ways of extracting cannabis. It was how hashish was and is still made today around the world. Bubble hash uses micron-filter bags and breaking off frozen trichomes. Flower rosin is made using a press that is heated.

 Cannabis concentrates using solvents

One of the most common ways to make various forms of cannabis concentrates uses solvent-based extraction process. One of the more popular solvents is butane and is used to make terp sauce, shatter, or wax. Hash oil made using butane is called Butane Hash Oil (BHO). Other forms of cannabis concentrates that you may have heard such as budder, sap, and sugar use this form of extraction. Alcohol is another solvent used. Liquid CO2 is probably the cleanest solvent used for extracting cannabis concentrate from marijuana plants.

How short-path distillation is used to make cannabis distillate?

Cannabis distillates use a process different from the first two categories of marijuana extraction. Distillates use what is referred to as short-path distillation which relies on separating compounds based on the fact that different compounds have different boiling points. Distillation will use these different boiling points to separate out and refine specific cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. The vaporized cannabinoids are then collected in the cooling part of the distillation system. This process will be repeated over and over until you are left with almost pure cannabinoids such as THC or CBD.

Why is cannabis distillate considered to be “solvent-free”?

This form of  cannabis extraction is considered to be “solvent-free” as it does not use any solvent-based extraction. It is one of the most cleanest and purest forms of cannabis concentrates found on the market today. That is also probably one of the reasons why this marijuana extract has been nicknamed “The Clear” or “The Pure”.

What is the biggest drawback of cannabis distillates as marijuana concentrate?

One of the biggest criticisms of this type of cannabis concentrate is definitely not the potency but rather the loss of terpenes. Terpenes and flavonoids found in marijuana buds give the buds its flavor and aroma. Cannabis distillate is pretty much flavorless because the distillation process destroys all of the terpenes.

How does the distillation process destroy terpenes in marijuana?

Terpenes and flavonoids have lower boiling points than the cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. They are generally lost in the short-path distillation process that is usually done repeatedly. That is not to say that there are not high-end extractors that are capable of extracting the terpenes and flavonoids in order to infuse them back in at a later point in time. This will reintroduce the flavor profile back into the cannabis distillate.

Cannabis distillate is a new form of marijuana extracts but it is highly popular due to its very strong potency and purity. This marijuana concentrate is not for the faint of heart…or weed smokers that have a low tolerance to THC. A little drop of this good stuff looks like gold and is pretty much worth its weight in gold. Cannabis distillate has to be one of the purest forms of marijuana concentrates on the market with THC potency reaching upwards to 99%.

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