Cannabis Delivery Services

How do cannabis delivery services work?

The recent proliferation of cannabis delivery services in California, wherein medical marijuana patients may be able to order cannabis over internet or through a phone call after being verified and receives the medical marijuana from a nearest cannabis dispensary. Respective state laws either allow or do not allow cannabis delivery; whether it be medical cannabis to pre-verified patients or recreational weed. Cannabis dispensaries are able take orders can take orders online and dispatch it to your front door after you have been verified as a medical cannabis patient in California. Rules very from state to state for medical or recreational cannabis.

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Which medical marijuana states allow cannabis delivery services?

Rules are different recreational weed from medical cannabis for seven states that have allowed cannabis deliveries. Below is a summary of rules regarding the delivery of medical cannabis.

Alaska:  Alaska legalized recreational cannabis in February 2015 but licenses for recreational shops will not be issued until sometime in 2016.

California:  Nothing has really come forth on state level for medical marijuana at the state level. It is best to consult local county rules for cannabis delivery. Proposition D in Los Angeles has not restricted cannabis delivery but the L.A. city attorney has gone after a marijuana delivery app.

Colorado: The delivery of recreational pot is not allowed. Medical marijuana delivery can happen with the medical marijuana patient’s caregiver.

Illinois: A medical marijuana patient’s primary caregiver can delivery cannabis.

Nevada: Medical marijuana delivery is allowed with the medical cannabis patient’s primary caregiver but the cannabis delivery process is highly regulated.

Oregon: Under the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP), cannabis delivery is not allowed. As of 2015, Oregon Liquor Control Commission has oversight on approved recreational marijuana delivery.



Snoop Dogg, Dave Can Help, Eaze, Speed Weed and Canary, and CaliCannabisExpress are just a few names from a long list of cannabis-related brand names related to medical marijuana dispensaries. There are few online cannabis directories for medical or recreational cannabis dispensaries such as The number of medical marijuana retailers has nearly tripled over the period of last three years, reaching around 2,600 cannabis dispensaries across Southern California alone.

How do I order from a cannabis delivery service?

Nearly all the cannabis delivery services maintain a simple ordering process in which the pre-verified medical marijuana patient can select from an assortment of products containing cannabis from an online menu. The order is sent to a weed dispensary and usually takes from 30 minutes to a few hours. These cannabis delivery services employs a similar process of contacting the medical marijuana doctor to verify a current recommendation to consume cannabis. in its operations. Canary allows medical marijuana patients to select the weed dispensary they want to pick their cannabis from. Some retailers like Speed Weed and CaliCannabisExpress deliver at the doorstep of the customer. If you are a medical weed patient in the Santa Barbara county area, Santa Barbara Greenland Deliveries delivers high quality cannabis to medical marijuana patients.

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Canary, the Uber for cannabis delivery, has made nearly $40,000 on its more than 400 medical marijuana deliveries during the first three months of its operations. However, it still needs to work hard to catch up to large sales volume achieved by its competitors. The founders of Canary are positioning their company as a technology company that aims to coordinate with other companies that need their products delivered to the customers. These weed products can be anything, in any kind of form from concentrates to tinctures. By dealing in pot, Canary has experienced some problems that other cannabis-related businesses are facing, such as blocking of Facebook account or closing of bank account during its initial phase.

Some major pot retailers who provide cannabis delivery services want to grow their business in at least in 23 states where medical marijuana is legal. But, it is easier said than done as the laws pertaining to medical or recreational cannabis rules vary change from one state to the other and are always changing. A cannabis delivery services should consult local county rules with regards to medical cannabis to patients or recreational weed delivery.

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