California Recreational Marijuana Legalization

Recently, Californian voters approved Prop 64. This measure will legalize marijuana in the state. Prop 64 is much more than simply legalizing marijuana. It is sixty pages of detailed regulations. The goal of the state is to run the program more efficiently so that the state generates more revenue than they did with medical marijuana regulations. Other states that have implemented recreation marijuana are Washington, Alaska, Colorado, Nevada, and Oregon.

Growing your own Marijuana

This measure states that an individual above the age of 21 will be permitted to grow 28.5 grams which is equivalent to an ounce of marijuana. A person is allowed to grow 6 plants. The plants are not allowed to be visible to public. Licenses will be available in the future for those who seek to grow on a commercial level.

Purchasing from Dispensaries

In 1996, Medical marijuana was approved in California. This allowed users with a doctor’s prescription to purchase their medicinal medicine through a dispensary. There is a slight problem that many users will find with Prop 64. Currently, there is not a legal way to purchase recreational marijuana. Dispensaries will be allowed to sell recreational marijuana once the state issues licenses to retailers in 2018. This would then allow for the commercial growing of marijuana.

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Consuming Marijuana

Prop 64 states that users are not allowed to smoke marijuana in public. This can be punishable by criminal arrest and fine. Users should consume their weed in private. Those with under an ounce of weed will not be criminally prosecuted. If you sell or exchange weed, this can be punishable. It’s important to remember that this measure doesn’t extend to the private or public workplaces. All though you may be legally allowed to consume marijuana in a private matter, an employer has the right to not allow for marijuana in the work place or similar position.

With Prop 64 being implemented in 2017, it’s important to understand the regulations and how they apply to your own usage. It will be illegal to purchase recreational marijuana in 2017, until dispensaries are allowed to sell in 2018.  There will be a lot of confusion and frustration from those who want to consume weed but are unable to purchase it. Overall, this measure will allow for many more users to seek marijuana not only recreationally but for those who will consume it for medical uses as well. Some people don’t have the ability to get a medical marijuana prescription; this measure will allow access for those users. A public concern for many people is the influence of marijuana on young adolescents. If recreational marijuana can be managed in an efficient and safe manner, the potential benefits for the people and state of California is immense.

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