California Medical Marijuana Recommendation

How to acquire a medical marijuana doctors  recommendation in California?

If you are in the state of California also known for the Emerald Triangle, the world’s largest cannabis producing region in the United States, then you may be looking to acquire a medical marijuana recommendation. In California, getting your cannabis card is pretty easy to acquire. The first and really only step is seeking a doctor that recommends medical pot. You can find these types of doctors on When you go to your appointment or walk in clinic you will be asked to provide identification, verification of medical records, and proof of residency to confirm your ailment that requires the use of medical cannabis.

What kind of ailments do I need to get a medical marijuana card?

The type of ailment that will qualify you can range from as simple as nausea to severe as patients with advanced cancer. All depends on what your medical history is and what your medical cannabis doctor decide. Once approved you will receive a cannabis card in writing right on the spot and should be good for one year. There is another optional weed card that can be issued through California Department of Public Health in Sacramento that certifies you as a medical marijuana patient and you are then put on a state registry.

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When do I need to carry my medical marijuana card?

It’s important to carry your weed recommendation letter on you at all times when possessing or transporting medical cannabis. This also allows for you to enter medical weed dispensaries to seek medication. If you are stopped by law enforcement it’s important for you to have your weed recommendation on you. Unless asked about your medical marijuana you don’t need to disclose it. It important to remember that cannabis dispensaries will need to have a photo identification, medical cannabis recommendation, and proof of residency in some cases with out of state identifications.


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How long does a medical marijuana card last in California?

A medical cannabis card lasts twelve months and then a re-evaluation will need to be done from a cannabis doctor. The cost of a medical cannabis recommendation can vary and generally they only take cash. It’s important to check with the doctor and dispensary to see if they take cash or cards. Depending on your city you live, your cannabis card will generally cost approximately $75 to $250. Renewals for your cannabis card are generally cheaper and don’t have to be issued by the original pot doctor. Once you get the right cannabis doctor you are on your way to finding medical marijuana relief and getting your find dank weed.

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