What do Americans think about Marijuana?

The view that American’s have on marijuana is relatively positive. At least 28 states have some type of legal marijuana legislation. The states that oppose marijuana often times have citizen that support legal legislation but are controlled by oppositional leaders. Marijuana is a Schedule 1 illegal substance under federal law. If more than half the states agree with marijuana, when will the federal government change their laws to reflect the citizens it represents? It makes very little sense to have legalization on a state level and not have the federal laws reflect the voice of the people.

The cannabis plant produces a compound called THC, which is the underlining problem of the legislation of marijuana. THC helps tremendously with hundreds of different medical conditions and ailments. All states allow Hemp based CBD which doesn’t contain THC. These products are not as effective in treating ailments as THC. It is not sold locally, so getting your hand on hemp based CBD can be a challenge. This mirrors the problem that some people face with new legislation that allows recreational or medical marijuana but there is no plan in place for obtaining the product legally. Again, it makes very little sense to do this.

With the new Trump administration, many wonder what will happen with the enforcement on a federal level. Attorney General Sessions brings a lot of skepticism in regards to the future of marijuana legalization and enforcement in America. The enforcement of marijuana is a very shady thing in law enforcement. Certain levels of law enforcement have different views on their stand of enforcement of marijuana legislation. Every citizen has their own view on marijuana but the majority of American’s favor it. Actually, 1 out of 5 American’s has access to legal marijuana.

Most American’s feel that marijuana should be legal on a federal level. It is used predominately for medical conditions but partaking on THC on a recreational level creates little problems for society. There has never been a reported case of marijuana overdose causing death. Unlike prescription drugs or alcohol that have high rate of overdose. Most people consume marijuana in a responsible matter, so the need for law enforcement is little.

If cannabis was legal on a federal level it would allow for a huge market to be taxed. It’s thought the marijuana industry could reach $25 billion by 2021. The federal government would be able to get in on the huge market via taxing citizens rather than spending wasteful money on law enforcement. It would eliminate the cartels and illegal seller’s roles in the market, if dispensaries were legal. The federal government could play a huge role in defining recreational and medical marijuana, if it got on board with the majority of American’s who would like to see cannabis legalized.

The amount of research that would take place if marijuana was legalized on a federal level could really change the medical industry. We are one of the unhealthiest nations in the world. Prescribing marijuana to those instead of prescription medications that come with serious side effects and overdose rates could really change the amount of money spent on healthcare. The trade markets in America could see many new business and products emerge once legalization took place on a federal level.

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